We offer dental treatments and cosmetic dentistry in integrated dental and mouth hospital . Many doctors working in hospital from various specialties



Our services are characterized:

  • Completion of all treatments in one session Whatever retreat or injury
  • We select the color of teeth by accurate electronic devices
  • We use laser technology and fibrin
  • We use e-needles for local anesthesia so that the patient feels any pain Atina anesthesia
  • We cooperate and we're working with 12 quality and brand in dental implants and compensated
  • All treatments are guaranteed and insured

We offer the most advanced dental technology as hospital treatments contains:

  • Imaging systems, three-dimensional
  • Scanning systems inside the mouth to take three-dimensional measurements
  • Design and manufacture of powered computer systems
  • Last dental implant techniques
  • The electronic anesthesia needles
  • Laser techniques and fibrin
  • Measuring tooth color by electronic devices



Implant aims to instill a new place metal dental implants, by replacing malfunctioning or damaged teeth, or to replace lost teeth, as a result of diseases that cause advanced dental damage.

For dental implants cosmetic and functional goal, which replace natural teeth everywhere. And lasting a lifetime, we also conduct dental implant in all cases, whether you have the age of missing one or two or a group.

We use in the Turkish health and beauty center best species, the most famous manufacturers, and also the latest findings of science and medicine in the field of dental implants and cosmetic

Hollywood Smile:

It is a procedure in which to get the best smile consistent with the divisions of each person's face.

Treatment aims to improve the shape of the teeth and the appearance of a smile, which gives a bright color therapy homogenous with the rest of the teeth, and also to close the spaces between the teeth as well as to cover the discoloration of the teeth and give an aesthetic touch to your smile.

The treatment by taking teeth Format to a small computer depicts the teeth and then the computer sends sizes, which he had filmed the device, it makes teeth tallied 100% with proper size, unlike the mistakes of the human-made for tooth .

ابتسامة هوليوود

Considered a "Hollywood smile" more means by the Cosmetic Dentistry, which is more the way  got a European quality certificates ..

Through the "Hollywood smile" can anyone suffering from problems with his teeth, whatever the type, degree of enjoyment attractive smile is not afraid to show it, but give it more confidence in itself and is not affected by cigarettes or drinks

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the latest and most sophisticated equipment in the world and to all cases of pigmentation and tooth discoloration.


Chemical Tooth whitening

It is the way it is done by placing the material on Tooth whiteningthe teeth generation to interact with the pigmentation on the age and removed.

light Teeth whitening

The optical device is used for bleaching is safe and effective in giving the result of cosmetic success rate of 95% without cause allergic reactions

Laser teeth whitening

It is the best and most sophisticated as it does not result in any sensitivity at all and are only 3 minutes.

General anesthesia for dental treatments

It offers general anesthesia for dental treatments for different patients who cannot handle their teeth in a regular dental clinic.

Most of the cases that require general anesthesia is a condition caused by advanced neglect for a long time.

This solution is also suitable for patients coming from outside of Turkey for the duration of their stay in Istanbul is limited and want to quit all cosmetic dental treatments in one session, and here is general anesthesia appropriate.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is the branch of dentistry and head-neck-surgery, is working on providing surgical treatment of diseases, fractures, deformities and pathological cases in the face, in the jaw and in the neighboring tissues and organs.

Dentoalveolar (greatness that holds the teeth as processes are complex and uproot the uprooting operations confined teeth. Where are clipped the edge of the root to treat the inflammation at the tip of the root of the tooth. Is, in the process, get rid of the inflammation and party causes his age.

Treatment of the blastocyst in the jaw with a full party to the contents of liquid or semi-liquid bag. When the blastocyst exists in the jawbone, they lead to destruction, therefore, must be disposed of as soon as possible.

Previous surgery for compensation age, whether in planting or conventional solutions result in tooth loss, where, for various reasons, to absorption and to the loss of soft tissue support in the face, making changes in the facial bone structure may occur? The result of these changes, in many cases, to severe deformation esthetic.
Where they are in the hospital complex farming operations of the bones, in order to restore the bone that holds the teeth rehabilitation. As processes, nasal sinus and growing bones lifted in the oral cavity.

Rehabilitative surgery for facial bones, as the failure of the injuries in the facial bones behind a big shortage in hard and soft tissues. Where it is conducting operations to recover the bones of the face, quarries eyes, and cheekbones, by orthopedic implants of the pelvis and the skull area.

Surgery on the uprightness of evolution, a therapeutic method of assisted surgery to repair the interdependence between the jaws, as one of the jaws to be more prominent than the other, or a very narrow compared to the other jaw. People living with this distortion of functional difficulties in the process of eating is suffering, swallowing, and speaking social and proper performance. These issues can be resolved by surgical treatment.

Infection in the upper jaw, where the facial fractures can occur in the bones of the face and jaws building after a single injury in the facial area or as part of a broad, multi-devices injury. A large part of those infected are people injured in accidents.
May cause fractures in the bones of the face, if not addressed properly, aesthetic disorders, cannot be treated, facial appearance, and performance today to disturbances in the jaws and teeth device. Treatment includes stability and install fractures, dental install and repair of soft tissue.

The treatment of disorders of the joints of chewing where problems can appear in the detailed jaws several signs and symptoms, such as joint inflammation, articular noise "clicks", lack of exercise or excessive movement, muscle spasm, pain in the joint due to corrosion.

Malignant and benign tumor surgery in the oral cavity is characterized by the oral cavity in the tissue, which includes the diversity of the teeth, gums, salivary glands, greatness and alveolar soft tissue.
All of these things may be the source of the development of benign and malignant tumors in the oral cavity. The diagnosis of the tumor type is selected through the tissue examination. And benign tumors are treated by local excision, while malignant tumors characterized by different levels of severity, which identifies the specific type of treatment.

Treatments are offered on the mouth and jaws surgery under specialist hospital surgery mouth, jaws and teeth, either topical anesthetic or general anesthetic as needed. Complex processes are performed in the operating rooms in the hospital.


Target cavity fillings to repair damaged teeth, which suffered damage as a result of the gradual erosion of the external layers of the teeth. Padding includes an open age, removal of decay, remove tissue damaged teeth, digging the tooth to permit the filling industrially. Then fill the pits with a special material.

Teeth are stuffing process in one session under local anesthesia or general anesthesia depending on the patient's condition. It uses cosmetic fillings do not have an impact on the appearance is normal.