Double Chin Surgery

The double chin happens when the person’s neck is too large, or precisely, when the area between the chin and the neck is larger than necessary. The procedure “Double chin Surgery” assumes that the task is to set the boundaries between the chin and neck to give it smoothness and graceful shape. The surgery helps to demonstrate the borders that descend from the bottom of the chin at a nearly right angle, to mark off the borders of the jaw until it reaches the throat and then connects to the neck.

Double Chin Surgery

For those with a double chin, their chin borders disappear, fill, flab, and swell, and create a connecting lump between the chin and the neck, so it’s hard to know where the neck ends and where the chin begins!

The double chin surgery forms for several reasons, and it does not happen because of obesity only, as the person may be in good body shape but has a double chin!

The reason for forming a double chin surgery could be the accumulation of fat in that area, when the neck does not consume it’s fat, so it gets bigger, and here where the second chin is formed. 

Sometimes it happens due to genetics, or it might be formed due to the problem of sagging skin or sagging neck muscles under the skin. Sometimes the deformation of the jaw or a problem in it is one of the causes. 

Double Chin Surgery

There is no single fixed operation to treat Double chin. Rather, many methods, processes, mechanisms, and even non-surgical methods have proven their effectiveness and have given remarkable results.

The choice of the type of operation that you will undergo depends on the doctor you have chosen, and his intention. Also, The variety of options available depends in particular on your condition itself, how bad and difficult it is, and what methods may be effective for you or that which will be a waste of your time and money only!

The double chin surgery is often an extension of the face contouring process or the neck contouring process or both together. For the purpose of defining and drawing dimensions of the chin, there has to get rid of the double chin, including all the modifications that the neck and chin must be subjected to in terms of tightening muscles and skin and removing fat.

The excess skin is also removed, which is a complete surgical procedure that is performed using local or general anesthesia.

Laser double chin removal

The laser process only takes half an hour, and the laser’s mechanism depends on the ability to penetrate the skin to obtain the perfect result. When the laser penetrates the skin, it melts all the excess and accumulated fat and helps the body to get rid of it. The procedure tightens both the skin and muscles and stimulates collagen and skin to recover and produce powerful new cells.

Unfortunately, laser results do not appear quickly like other methods, but it takes about 6 to 12 weeks to feel the difference and reach a final result. 

Surgical Double chin 

Double chin surgery depends basically on liposuction of the fat that is excessively located below the real chin. During the surgery, the patient will have a general or local anesthesia. After that, the doctor makes two small cuts behind both ears and sometimes if necessary, a third small wound is made under the chin, then It removes the accumulated fat in the chin. By the virtue of liposuction, the fat will be sucked making the neck lighter and thinner in size.

The second stage is the process of adjusting the neck and chin, and defining them, so the doctor work first with the muscles; if the neck muscles are relaxed, he tightens them well. Additionally, if there is an excess part in them, he will make some cuts, and likewise the skin of the neck, if the double chin is large, it will leave a lot of excess skin. The doctor may need to cut it and dispose of it, and sometimes tighten and seal it, and then he closes the wounds and then the process is over.

Before and after the surgery

Your doctor will give you several tips before undergoing the operation, such as consuming healthy food and vitamins and nutritional supplements. 

Before Double chin surgery

  • He may prevent you from some medicines such as Blood thinners which cause bleeding during the operation .
  • You may have a discussion with the doctor about the type of anesthesia options you have, whether it is gonna be local or general.  
  • You should stop smoking at least a month before the operation and during the entire recovery period, and be psychologically prepared for all possibilities and results. 
  • You should have a Realistic expectations, based on what your doctor told you.

After Double chin surgery

  • There will be a little pain that may occur after the operation, but it is temporary and will disappear quickly.
  • Getting rest after the surgery is necessary. You should stay in bed for several days until your body regains its strength. 
  • IF you noticed any changes in the surgical incision, like slow healing, or bleeding after the procedure, you should tell your doctor about it. 
  • A week after the operation, You will be able to go out. But to return completely to your normal life, you need two or three weeks after the surgery. 
  • Bruises may appear on the neck, so do not panic!, it is a natural side effect of the operation. 

The great thing is that the results appear quickly and you will see them within several days, which are permanent results that does not need any further treatments again.

Double Chin Surgery in Turkey

Double Chin Surgery in Turkey is considered to reduce such problems, this is a common procedure all over the world, but not in many clinics in Turkey. Surgeons in Turkey are experienced and highly qualified. They are trained well for the surgeries and even get time to have a rotational shift which helps them gain experience and knowledge of the various operations that they have to perform.

Some of the common problems caused by the extra fat deposits around the chin are hanging lip, enlarged cheekbones, receding chin area, double chins with a wide forehead, thick upper jaw line and high level of prominence of the upper teeth.

The cost of double chin surgery in Turkey

The cost of double chin surgery in turkey varies from one center to another. depending on the nature and severity of the problem.

Many surgeons do not prefer to take the case of the patients opting for the double chin surgery in Turkey because the recovery period can be quite long and sometimes unbearable. In most of the cases, people are advised to go to other countries where medical facilities and the surgeons available are much better.


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