Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift is a plastic surgery that is used to get rid of sagging and reduce the accumulated fat at the level of the thighs and tighten them to return them to their natural shape

Thigh Lift

Who is a good candidate for hip sculpting surgery?

Cases that call for the thighs Lift process:

  • Fat accumulation in the buttocks and thighs for genetic reasons.
  • Losing a large percentage of weight within a short period due to dieting or after liposuction procedures.
  • Skin loss of elasticity due to lack of proper healthy habits.
  • Skin loss of elasticity due to aging.
  • Hormonal changes caused by repeated pregnancy and childbirth.

You should have the following

  • The desire to get rid of excess skin and some fatty tissue in it, not from a large amount of fat accumulated in the thighs.
  • Stability of body weight. If you are at your ideal weight, this procedure will help you and make you happy with its results, but if you are planning to lose more weight after the operation, your thighs may sag again after losing weight..
  • Good health.
  • Being in a stable mental state.
  • To have positive and realistic expectations of the results of your operation. Your doctor will give you all the necessary information about the possible results of your procedure.
  • To be able to adhere to a healthy lifestyle after the operation. This is so that you can preserve the results you have achieved through the process.

How do i prepare for a thigh lift surgery?

Your surgeon will provide comprehensive pre-operative guidance, answer any questions you may have, a detailed medical history and perform a physical examination to determine your surgical fitness..

Before the operation, your surgeon will ask you:

  • Stop smoking before undergoing surgery to promote healing.
  • Avoid taking aspirin, some anti-inflammatory drugs, and some herbal medicines that can cause increased bleeding.
  • Regardless of the type of surgery that needs to be performed, hydration is very important before and after surgery for safe healing.
  • Your surgeon will make sure that you have maintained a stable weight for an extended period of time, as weight restoration can jeopardize the effects of a thigh lift..

What are the steps in the thigh Lift process?

Before making Thigh Lift process A urinary catheter is installed, as well as the delivery of an intravenous solution device, as the length of time that this surgery takes ranges from two to four hours depending on the type of corrections that will be made and this operation is available for people over the age of 18 years because the growth of the body at this age has completed And the formation and the general appearance is clear, and regarding anesthesia, this process is often performed under general anesthesia.

And the process of Lift the thighs It can be performed in several ways, where the method is determined according to the place the patient wants to sculpt and the amount of fat to be removed, as well as according to the method preferred by the patient and his doctor. This process can be divided into two parts::

  • Inner thigh lift process: Here, the inner part of the thigh is sculpted, as the surgery takes place in the upper part of the thigh crease to reach the bottom, specifically in the inner part of the thigh, and when the length of the opening or incision is large, this operation is called the extended inner thigh carving surgery.
  • The outer thigh lift process: This surgery aims to sculpt the outer part of the thigh, as the incision is from the fold of the thigh to the back of the buttock side.

In both surgeries, the surgeon works as much as possible to hide the surgical sutures by making them in inconspicuous areas, and laser is also used as one of the most important techniques adopted in plastic surgery to hide the impact of the surgery and obtain the satisfactory result..

What should I expect during the thigh lift recovery phase?

After performing the thigh lift operation and leaving the hospital, the stitches will be removed after fifteen days, and you may suffer from some pain at the level of the wound for a period ranging between one and three weeks.

However, it will gradually disappear by continuing to take painkillers according to the doctor’s prescription, and you will also notice that the swelling has disappeared within two weeks and sometimes within three weeks, as you can resume your activity a few weeks after the operation..

What results should I expect after a thigh lift surgery?

The result of the thigh sculpting process appears immediately after the operation, but the final results will appear within six months and at most after the passage of a year. On a constant weight.

In the event that there are any scars or traces of surgery, you should refer to the doctor who will suggest you a set of solutions that will hide the scars and give a more satisfactory shape.

Thigh lift surgery cost

The cost of the operation varies according to its nature and the period of time during which the operation will be conducted.

The cost of the operation cannot be determined before examining the case with the doctor

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