DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair transplantation using Choi pens technique.

DHI hair transplant is a development for the first technique (FUE). It’s an improvement to the second phase of hair transplant which is opening channels and implantation.

This technique can be applied to beard and scalp for both men, and women scalp

زراعة الشعر بتقنية DHI

Scientifically, Hair Follicle is the root of hair and it’s the cell that’s responsible for hair growth. There is a confusion regarding the concept of Follicle in most of hair transplant centers. Simply! It’s a group of hairs covered by a living tissue inside the skin. It’s what so called hair container.

Generally, this method is characterized by having hair Follicle extracted manually from the Donor area and then transplanted one by one into the balding area. This technique is not a surgical technique, and there will be no cuts in the skin or using sharp tools.

By this technique, the follicles are taken after being extracted and placed in a pen-like device. The pen tip is then directed to the target area on the scalp and pressed so that the Follicle is planted within the scalp.

This mechanism is somewhat similar to a twist bullet pencil. It is more complicate for sure, because it deals with a living tissue. 

Follicle extracting from the scalp

We in Health & Beauty Turkey use an advanced equipment to extract hair which is cylindrical needles which are set on a rotating device that rotates the needles to remove the follicle from the skin. The rotational motion for the needles is required to not ruin the follicle or the scalp in the donor area. The needles diameters are ranging from 0.5 to 0.8 according to the nature of hair and the number of follicles needed to be extracted.

Additionally, we use a very high-quality CHOI pens to deal with hair follicles taken from the scalp.

These pens will be used just onetime and will be replaced for each patient.

DHI hair transplantat features

The technology of CHOI pens makes it better than the rest of the technologies due to the following features:

  • It gives more natural hair appearance because of the ability to control implant angle during DHI hair transplant procedure.
  • Excellent choice for intensifying hair and give it more of density as it helps in implanting hair in hairy areas where spaces are too small.
  • The original hair follicles will be protected from damage due to precision of DHI Transplant technique
  • Faster in completion due to the fact that it merges the 02 implanting phases (Opening channels and implanting) in just one phase.

DHI hair transplantation disadvantages

As like each technology, there will be some disadvantages

  • You need a relatively more of team members to complete the operation.
  • CHOI pens are used once for a patient.
  • It costs more than the other technologies due to increased number of people working in the process and the cost of pens
  • The scarcity of DHI trained medical teams makes leads to more wages required.

The results of DHI hair transplantation are highly successful, and like all other techniques, it’s related of the experience of the performing physician and the patient’s commitment to Before/After transplantation precautions and instructions

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