Stomach Botox

STOMACH BOTOX is the new revolution for fighting weight.

Well, I guess, among the things that we all want to achieve, is a perfect weight and beautiful body.

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But here is the problem, many of us don’t have the willpower to spend many months on diets that keep us from eating whatever food we like!

While the others suffer from severe problems having weight loss, sometimes, their weight returns back again! which leads to a vicious circle in their lives of distress, depression and the struggle to reach the perfect body.

When we think about the suggestions of the most practical surgeries made to get the right weight, we see the gastric sleeve operation remained the top 1 for a long time.

But now! A new solution has appeared which is Stomach Botox injection, which gave a new hope to lose weight, and not gain more weight.

What is Gastric Botox Injection ?

Firstly, what is Botox?

When we have a look at the nature of Botox, we will find that it is a natural substance that has been used mainly in the cosmetics to remove and hide wrinkles on the face, neck and hands.

Botox relied on wrinkles caused by small muscle contraction or spasm, not because of sagging skin or losing elasticity, so Botox injections paralyze that muscle and prevent it from contracting, so the formed skin wrinkles will disappear.

Injecting the stomach with Botox is not much different from the idea of removing wrinkles with Botox.

Just like all other parts of the digestive system, our stomach naturally performs the digestive process by contracting the muscles of its walls and its sphincter movement, which leads to digesting food and pushing it from stomach into the intestine. Once the stomach becomes empty, we will start Feeling hungry.

Stomach Botox paralyzes stomach walls temporarily, reduces the force of stomach contractions, pushing food into the intestine.

Aa a result, the digestive process becomes slower than usual and Weakens its pushing force, which lead to pushing smaller quantities of food out of it, so the food remains inside the stomach for the longest possible time. On the one hand, the amount of food that you will eat get reduced, and on the other hand, it increases your feeling of satiety.

Who is the good candidate for this procedure?

The biggest candidates for Stomach Botox are those who suffer from overweight problems. Also, the people who suffer from the weight stability and ability to increase, either for known reasons or not, are considered a good candidate, as they cannot lose weight no matter what they did, with a diet, sport etc. 

Stomach Botox injections help you to stabilize your weight, get rid of excess weight, and have the perfect body that you always dreamed of.

Experts said that those wishing to lose specific kilograms of their weight are stronger candidates for Botox injections than those who want to lose a large weight at once, the results of the first category statically, much better.

Other candidates are those who suffer from ravenous, lose the sense of satiety, problems that cause to eat more without stopping, eat more than the body needs, where Botox was able to put a final end for these problems, help them to eat the food they needed only, and reach them to feel full after reaching their exact body needs.

How Botox is injected into the stomach?

the injection process uses a medical endoscope, which is inserted from the mouth to the stomach, in order to reach it, with no surgical procedure, incisions or medical cuts are made, so Stomach Botox is not a surgical procedure.

The medical endoscope allows the doctor to see his way inside the stomach, starting from the mouth until reaching the exact place for injection, the needle that performs injection is attached to the end of the endoscope, and once the doctor reaches his goal, he performs the injection process.

The doctor may apply an anesthetic spray on your throat in an attempt to reduce the vomiting reaction that may happen, at the same time the doctor cannot put you under local or General anesthesia, because he needs you to swallow, which helps the endoscope to enter its place.

There are two types of injections, the first one when the doctor target wall muscles of stomach and inject well-studied volume in it, by this, the movement and contractions of it will be reduced by 50%, thus reducing the stomach’s digestion and the rate of food pushing, and the rate of pushing it into the intestine.

The second one is that the doctor may target the stomach nerve. This nerve connects the central nervous system with the human stomach, which is responsible for passing signals to the stomach, enforcing it to digestive action.

If this nerve is affected, it will reduce the movement of the stomach and send signals of satiety and fullness to the brain, so you will not feel hungry for a while.

Before Stomach Botox

  • Discuss with your doctor about your expectations.
  • Inform your doctor if you are allergic to anything, drugs, anesthesia etc.
  • Inform your doctor if you are taking any kind of medication.
  • Stop taking aspirin and ibuprofen to avoid any bleeding during the injection.
  • Inform your doctor if you suffer from any health problem, whether with the digestive system or the heart.
  • Inform your doctor if you have ever had any stomach, esophagus surgery.
  • Stop eating about 12 hours before the operation.

After Stomach Botox

  • The process takes between 45 minutes to an hour, time varies according to the doctor’s speed, experience and efficiency.
  • You may feel that your throat is still numb after the operation is completed, so make sure not to eat or drink until anesthetic has gone.
  • The effects of Botox in the stomach are not immediate, you won’t find an immediate effect within one week after the injection, the effects take place after 3-6 months following the injection.
  • Botox is not permanent; some patients repeat the injection again after 6 months if they didn’t reach the desired solution.
  • You will experience the sense of fullness and satiety immediately after the injection, so the quantities of food you usually eat get decreased.
  • Injecting Botox alone, without changing your diet and doing some exercises, gives little results.

Risks and side effects:

Compared to other operations that aim to lose weight which people go with, such as liposuction or sleeve gastrectomy, risks are less and simpler.

  • If Botox is injected into muscle in an amount that is too much or not accurately calculated, it may lead to weakness or paralysis in it completely which negatively affect the digestive process
  • The possibility of Botox moving from the injection place to another nearby place, causing an unwanted side effect in these places.
  • Injecting the wrong muscles with Botox may lead to indigestion, digestive and nutritional problems, and this will continue until the Botox is gone.
  • Rare problems, which are infections or stomach perforation due to the endoscope.

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