This idea came to compensate the people for their hair without submission to hair transplants or putting a wig. Pigmentation makes the appearance of the person look very similar to the hair.

For whom this process is who can undergo pigmentation technology?

  • People with bald.
  • Individuals with the Alopecia Areata.
  • Persons with injuries and scars in the scalp.
  • Cracking and hair loss.
  • People with burns to the scalp have hair-free zones.
  • Hair curls in certain parts of the hair.
  • People who cannot grow hair because of total baldness or hair loss.
  • Hair condensation
  • After the hair transplantation to increase the volume


  • Procedures to be performed before tattooing the hair
  • Choose a successful doctor and a recognized clinic for Pigmentation because the success of the technique depends on the skill of the doctor.
  • You should recognize the images of previous cases in which your doctor has improved their appearance through Pigmentation.
  • The cost of Pigmentation vary according to it’s the process identity. Because it may be a partial tattooing of a specific area in the scalp or a total tattooing.
  • See your doctor for any medical treatments that should be used after Pigmentation.
  • Pigmentation requires repeated sessions until the color is fixed.
  • The overall cost, tattooing and results of hair as a short-term non-surgical operation are impressive results for you have to trying it.

How is Pigmentation done?

There are two types of Pigmentation:

  • Hair cut with shaving (precise for hair)
  • Long Pigmentation technology (shading)

First: Shave:

This technique is used to simulate true hair follicles in the scalp so that the doctor will initially shave the hair completely, identify small points of tattooing, and be very small and remote points. These points are treated in the scalp to form a shape similar to the normal appearance of hair, which is used for individuals with severe hair loss or baldness due to the thicken disease or hereditary factors.

Second: tattooing the long hair

This tattooing technique is used for people who do not want to shave the head completely, such as women with a thicken, poor bulbs, or men with partial bald or weak hair follicles in some areas of the head. These areas are tattooed with a natural hair color simulator

When can i return to my normal life?

The recovery period is fast, and it is a maximum of four days

Pigmentation features

  • Non-surgical and non-bacterial infection technology.
  • The bald disappears with it at a fast time where you can see the result within 4 days.
  • The recovery period is then very fast, unlike other techniques such as hair transplantation.
  • Pigmentation doesn’t cause any cuts or scars in the scalp.
  • Partial dye allows the person to return to the old shape after a while if they do not adjust to their new appearance.
  • Not linked to gender (male-female), age or color specific to the skin

Pigmentation cost

The cost of the operation varies depending on its nature and the amount of time it will be done in practice.
Operation cost cannot be specified before the condition is checked with your doctor.

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