Eyebrow Transplantation

Natural eyebrow transplantation, also known as eyebrow restoration surgery, is a procedure aimed at restoring hair growth in the eyebrow area, which requires this area to be extremely accurate at work given the importance of the eyebrows to the aesthetic appearance of the face.

Eyebrow hair loss can be attributed to one or several factors. The most common of these components for hair loss are:

Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow Transplantation, also known as the restoration of the eyebrow surgery is a procedure designed to restore hair growth in the eyebrow area, which need this area to pinpoint accuracy at work because of what it stood brows of importance to the aesthetic appearance of the face.


Your eyebrows may be your most important facial feature.  Not only are they crucial for communication and facial expression, but your eyebrows serve the very practical functions of keeping debris, dirt, and sweat out of your eyes. They also frame the eye and enhance the face. Modifying the eyebrow in order to achieve the desired shape, length, or density is quite common. Many turn to cosmetic solutions like plucking, waxing, threading, makeup, and tattooing to create their desired brow. However, these fixes are often expensive, time-consuming, temporary, and can even be part of the problem.  Consider an eyebrow transplant as the most effective and permanent solution for eyebrow repair.

Situations that require eyebrows transplantation

Eyebrow Transplantation

The absence of eyebrow hair can be one of several reasons:

  • Because hereditary.
  • Laser removal of eyebrows.
  • Disarm once and for all.
  • Because of shortcomings in the secretions of the thyroid or other hormonal abnormalities.
  • Accidents due to surgery, burns, or other types of accidents.

Some patients seek to restore full eyebrow or intensify existing brows, others wanted to expose and increase the size of the brow, while others resort to planting scar and voids present in the eyebrow.

Eyebrow hair transplanted from the donor area of the scalp comes, and continues to grow for a lifetime, and therefore needs to be trimmed once a month or as desired by the person.

To provide a natural appearance of the transplanted eyebrows, the transplantation takes place hair by hair.  follicles contain of a single hair.

The planting of natural brows process is very accurate, so doctors in the  health and beauty Turkish center is making a special effort where the hairs placed perfectly and within minutes channels as much as possible so as not to leave any scars, and the planting of bulbs in the eyebrow angle be well thought out as it will affect the direction of hair growth eyebrow.

The pick follicles FUE technology unit pick out the follicle, then the follicle is dissected microscopically and divided to be each bulb contains a single hair.

Cultivation eyebrows are for men and women alike, and the same techniques without any difference

Eyebrows transplantation surgery

  • The transplant of eyebrows need from 50 to 400 bulbs in each eyebrow. This depends on the amount of hair in the size and density wanted.
  • Usually the process is done local anesthesia in the eyebrow area and using painkillers by mouth.
  • The process for taking time from 2-4 hours and is not painful at all.
  • After the transplant eyebrows

In the first four days after the operation, a small husks around the transplanted hair show. During the five days of redness it appears in the eyebrow area which is natural does not call for concern as it fades in the first week. Patients are able to return to normal activities without hindrance.

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