FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant is the one of technologies in the field of hair transplantation. FUE Stands for ‘follicle Unite Extraction’. Moreover, all of other hair transplant technologies, the manual or automated ones, are just a part of the mother technology which is Follicle Unit Extraction ‘FUE technique.

Scientifically, Hair Follicle is the root of hair and it’s the cell that’s responsible for hair growth. There is a confusion regarding the concept of Follicle in most hair transplant centers. Simply! It’s a group of hairs covered by a living tissue inside the skin. It’s what so called hair container. . 

Generally, This method is characterized by having hair Follicle extracted manually from the the Donor area and then transplanted one by one into the balding area. This technique is not a surgical technique, and there will be no cuts in the skin or using sharp tools .

Some may think that this technique is like manual hair pluck while it’s actually different! . By FUE extracting method, group of follicles are extracted with a living surrounding tissues, and this tissue is what will be implanted in transplant area with new surroundings and therefore, it regrow the hair in the new area. 

Follicle extracting from the scalp.

We in Health & Beauty Turkey use advanced equipments to extract hair which is cylindrical needles which are set on a rotating device that rotates the needles to remove the follicle from the skin. This rotational motion of the needles is required in order not to ruin the follicle or the scalp in the donor area. The needles diameters are ranging from 0.5 to 0.8 according to the nature of hair and the number of follicles needed to be extracted.

FUE Advantage

  • Hair is extraced individually from the donor area and then transplanted directly into the balding area., it does not leave any scars (if the physician is higly experienced) in both donor areas and implanting area as well.
  • It doesn’t include any cutting or sewing in the donor area, So it leaves no complications on the patient that require changes in his/her normal life. It’s a fast healing process as the patient can get back to work the day after the operation directly.

FUE Hair Transplant Stages

  •  Shaving off the hair and shaving the donor area only in some cases
  • Forehead hair line designing
  • Sterilizing the scalp
  • The application of local anesthesia into the scalp
  • Hair Follicles extraction phase
  • Sorting follicles and make them ready for Implant
  • Bandaging the donor Area
  • (Recipient area) The application of local anesthesia into the implant area
  • Opening Implant channels in the Recipient area
  • Implanting hair follicles in Implant channels
  • In the next day, Scalp washing session will be performed

Hair transplantation have a high success rate, provided being done by an expert specialist or trichologist and then following before /after procedure advices and instructions following the operation.

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