A specialized hospital in beautification and transplantation of hair, dental treatment and beauty.

It serves mainly for therapeutic tourism companies and agents abroad. And of course, to customers directly.
Health & Beauty Turkey is a regular race to introduce and develop the latest technology in its field, based on the efforts of a number of doctors and beauty experts in Turkey as the beautification work is integrated among doctors and cosmetics working in the hospital with the help of the latest equipment until the best possible result is reached.

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All our doctors put their expertise in esthetic facial and body analysis to produce the most complete and best possible features for the esthetic work to be done.
What distinguishes us is the integration of the esthetic work among the medical staff and our employment of the latest technology so that we can give the best result that anyone can get.

Health and Beauty Salon receives visitors from all countries of the world and provide them with integrated services from the first contact with the patient and not the end of the treatment, but they continue to make sure that the patient has the complete result.

Our confidence in the results of the operations and the comfort and satisfaction of our patients were nor achieved by chance. We work as a cohesive team of doctors, nurses, administrators and technicians to follow every detail, no matter how small, to ensure the brilliant results of operations and the comfort and happiness of patients.

We are fully aware that dedication will not be complete unless accompanied by high-level medical facilities, and we have employed the best techniques and put them in the best health and sterilize environment.
The operating rooms are fully equipped and permanently sterilized to prevent the risk of infection. Beds are designed to give you maximum comfort during the process

Our patients' intensive care will not end with the end of the process or treatment, as we have a follow-up team that will take you step by step until the results of the treatment are fully visible.

We believe that what we have arrived today would not have been achieved without the words with which patients speak about our services and the results of our operations. The most important propaganda comes from these words.