Dental Crown in Turkey

Patients resort to dental crown for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes, if a crown of zircon (or ceramics) is fitted to give a beautiful shape to the teeth and also to compensate for damaged and missing parts of the tooth crown.

Dental crown up is an ideal solution if the root of the tooth is intact or if it can be treated. We can get a perfect tooth directly in form or functional area.

Dental Crown

Dental Crown tips

Patients are always advised to wear teeth with zircon instead of porcelain because they have similar characteristics to normal tooth and are also susceptible to gum-like contact with natural teeth, as opposed to other substances

Dental crown is done with natural tooth cold and then embroider with zircon crowns manufactured in laboratories. Hospital with the aid of computerized manufacturing systems.

The required duration

Crown saves you time during your treatment period, because there are no waiting periods until the lab is finished making the tooth, our bakeries are within the hospital (unlike other centers and clinics) and the teeth are made immediately after taking measurements and ready for installation in a few hours.

Benefits of dental crown

Your use of crowns has treated your teeth from all lesions and fractures and has also earned the smile of celebrities at the same time.

Doctors at the Health & Beauty Turkey are advising with crowns, as it has impressive results in terms of form, durability and durability.

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