Hollywood Smile

You can get a Hollywood smile and restore full self-confidence only in a few days within the Health & Beauty Hospital of Turkey

Hollywood Smile

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Luminaire or tooth lenses

The luminaire is a revolution in the world of dentistry and is a thin crust like an eye lens placed above the tooth to modify its shape and give it a permanent white color. During a very standard period of time, during a single session the patient has changed the shape of their full smile without having to cool down and minimize teeth.

The crusts cover the front surface of the teeth completely, making them look new and healthy and since the crusts can change the size and shape of the teeth that can be used for:

  1. Broken teeth and Worn
  2. Close spaces between teeth
  3. Adjust the shape of teeth and lengthen short teeth
  4. The alternative to bleach and dentin may be especially difficult or smokers.

veneers (ceramics)

It is a tooth-wrapping veneers that are very similar to a tooth lens but can repair defects that a tooth lens cannot repair, such as tooth congestion and over clutter, or what is called an immediate retainer.

Teeth crown

Patients resort to dental crown for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes, if a crown of zircon (or ceramics) is fitted to give a beautiful shape to the teeth and also to compensate for damaged and missing parts of the tooth crown.

Dental crown is an ideal solution if the root of the tooth is intact or if it can be treated. We can get a perfect tooth directly in form or functional area.

Patients are always advised to crown teeth with zircon instead of porcelain because they have similar characteristics to normal teeth and are also able to have contact with the gums as normal teeth unlike other substances.

What is better laminate, veneers, or dental crown?

The solution varies depending on your condition and degree of regression or harm, and the current shape and color of the teeth.

If you don't know which solution is best for you, our doctors are ready to give you free preview and advice so it's best for your situation and also the least expensive.

You will get a Hollywood smile through only one of our session. The lens is built within the hospital labs, where all dental treatments are part of an integrated oral and dental hospital equipped with the latest laboratories on a global level.

Unlike other centers where you need to stay for a long time until Sunni compensation is manufactured in external labs, we manufacture prosthodontics in our laboratories equipped with the latest computer-assisted manufacturing technology.


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