Vitamins hair loss Treatment

The Health & Beauty Vitamins formula is made up of a combination of herbal extracts and vitamins that make it the best to prevent hair loss and regrowth, as well as after hair transplant.

Doctors at Health & Beauty have developed this formula in cooperation with our international drug lab partners to be useful, safe and with amazing results.

Health & Beauty Turkey multivitamin formula
Biotin: Biotin is a vitamin B that nourishes many functions, including essential body functions. Especially on the hair as the hair grows healthier, strengthens and provides protection against external factors that harm the hair.
Saw Palmetto: It is a plant that grows in the American continent, and it prevents male-style hair loss.
Ginkgo Biloba: Ginkgo Biloba is believed to be one of the oldest living trees. Studies have shown that ginkgo bilobane broadens capillaries and speeds up blood circulation. Its effect provides better nutrition from hair follicles and speeds up the healing process after hair transplantation.
Horsetail: the silica present in it not only slows hair loss in women and men, but also promotes the growth of new hair follicles. It improves blood circulation, nourishes hair follicles and promotes hair growth. The amino acids and phytosterol found in horsetail reduce the accumulation of fat on the scalp while at the same time strengthening the hair follicles.
MSM: Organic sulfur, helps form keratin to form hair and nails and reduce inflammation.
Other ingredients: vitamin B3, vitamin B5, folic acid, zinc

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