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Job Title:

Medical Administrative Assistant

We are seeking a Medical Administrative Assistant to join our assistants’ team, to assist and service international patients with their needs in Turkey during their treatments.


  • Making consultation appointments for the patients.
  • Helping patient to check-in/out of hospital and registration process.
  • Interpreting between the doctor and patient during treatment process.
  • Help and administrate the services offered to the patient.
  • Understanding and fulfilling international patient needs and insure 100% of patient satisfaction.
  • Cooperate with other Departments to insure 100% patient satisfaction.
  • Intermediate between the patient and other medical service providers to insure patient.


  • Provide regular feedback to the managers about the course of work.
  • Other tasks given by Management.


  • Arabic Mother tongue and Fluent in Turkish.
  • Advanced level of English language.
  • Having a Bachelor degree.
  • Previous experience in the same job Preferably.
  • Solid understanding of patient needs.
  • High coordination and management abilities.
  • Oral and written communication skills.
  • Negotiation skills.
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Job Title:

Medical Representatives

We are seeking Medical Representatives to join our Medical Reps Team.

The candidate will be working with international patients to guide them through treatment process.


  • Making regular contacts with international patients by phone, mail and messaging.
  • Following up with the patients through their evaluation phase
  • Prepare and deliver price quotations to the patients
  • Offer an informed guidance & support to the patients during their treatment.
  • Cooperate with other Departments to insure 100% patient satisfaction
  • Other tasks given by Management


  • Fluent in English and Arabic, (Any other language is an asset)
  • Bachelor’s degree,
  • Previous experience in the same job Preferably
  • Solid understanding of patient needs.
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Negotiation skills.
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