Hair Transplants for women

The pocedure steps followed in women hair transplant is a little bit different than those steps taken for men, it’s more like eyebrow transplant

Hair transplants for women

Hair loss in women

Hair loss in women

hairloss in women is presented in different styles and it has multiple causes which can occur at any age. hairloss in men happens mainly due to genetec factors which is the main cause of baldness in men, but the case is different with women as there are many causes for their hairloss.

Hairloss in women is a disorder that can be treated either by medication or procedures like hair transplant.

Most cases of women hairloss occur during the period of menopause. It begins usually in mid-scalp and expand horizontally. the hairloss often stops after a period of time leaving an empty space in the middle of the head. In rare cases, it happens in front area of the head just like male pattern baldness.

The good news is that hair loss in women can be treated. And this fact has been confirmed with the recent research done by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. ISHRS

Diagnosis of Women hairloss

Each patient suffering from hairloss should be subject to a medical and hormonal analysis and accurat diagnosis where other considerations have to be carried out in women hair transplant requires than those held by hair transplantation for men.

In general, the decision to begin hair transplant for women should be based on whether the hair loss has stopped completely, and pharmacological solutions have been applied and no results showed up.

Hairloss in women happens in three main types:

  1. Topical Hair Loss:
    It is a hairloss that caused by topical skin lesion as local alopecia associated with genetic reason or lichen planus disease or hair loss caused by injuries or the effects of surgery or topical treatment, and most of these cases can be treated with transplantation.
  2.  male pattern hair loss:
    Some women may experience hairloss similar to males where the hair falles down in the front of the head with a strong and healthy hair in back area and both sides of the head, and this type can also be treated with transplantation.
  3. Comprehensive hair loss: It is the most common among women, it includes thinning of the all hair on the head and a reduction in hair diameter and thickness of the hair shaft, the medical term for this type of hairloss is Diffuse Unpatterned Alopecia, those women who suffer from this type of is care also a candidates for hair transplant .

Hair loss treatment for women

For the treatment of women hairloss, we need to study the causes.

 We have three main methods of treatment:

  • The medical treatment
  • Hair Transplant
  • Integration Between medicine and surgical treatment

The best way to diagnose the cause of hairloss is by having a physical consultation with doctor, the diagnostic procedure includes blood tests, hormonal analysis, and anemia test to determine the cause of the hairloss.

After checking patient’s results and physical check to hair situation, the doctor will determine whether a medical treatment or hair transplant to solve the problem.

hair transplants for women

Before proceeding with women hair transplant

  • A physical consultation with the doctor is needed to check if you are a good candidate for hair transplant
  • Examination of the donor area to determine the number of follicles that can be obtained
  • Examination of the recipient area to determine the number of needed grafts
  • The cost of the procedure

The Procedure Of Women Hair Transplant In Turkey

Because women experience different types of hair loss, more caution and attention are given throughout the operation.

1. Harvesting hair follicles:

To protect hair follicles and the donor area, grafts are harvested carefully leaving no empty spaces in the donor area. full shaving is not required, only small part of back area of the head will be shaved off.

2. Implanting hair follicles:

The basic goal is to achieve outcomes that are both natural and appealing. As a result, hair follicles are implanted into small channels made in the recipient area paying attention to the existing hair’s angle and its direction.

3. After the procedure

A patient is given postoperative instructions.

After 3 weeks, the transplanted hair will fall out, and new hair will develop after 4 months.

A woman’s head will be fuller in less than a year.

Who is candidate for women hair transplant?

  • Women who suffers from empty spaces in the hair of the head
  • Those women who are qualified for the eyebrow transplant
  • Women who have a hairloss in some areas due to burns or other scalp injuries.
  • Women who wish to restructure the hair.
  • Women who have suffered hairloss because of Trichotillomania
  • Women with a distinct pattern of baldness similar to male pattern baldness where there are spaces in front area of the head and the crown.
  • Women suffering hair loss due to an accident, including burns and scars formed from accidents and chemical burns.
  • Women who have undergone surgery in the scalp either cosmetic surgery or other surgical procedures
  • The women who suffer from hair loss after a face-lift or other cosmetic procedures.

Perform hair transplants for women in Turkey

Due to its rapid medical development, skilled doctors and low treatment costs, Turkey has emerged as one of the top medical tourism destinations for hair transplants for women
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