Hair Transplants for women

Regarding hair transplants for women, in Health and Beauty Turkey Center follows the special medical procedures different from those procedures taken for men to women, so as to transplant the hair and eyebrow.

Hair transplants for women

Hair loss in women

Hair loss in women

The hair loss in women is manifested in different styles and has multiple causes and can occur at any age. The men are a major cause of a strong hereditary baldness in when the precipitation has varied causes, forms and women.

Hair loss in women is the disorder can be treated with medication or surgically For women it is necessary to begin treatment with a hair specialists trained medical and there must be a specific medical evaluation and comprehensive.

Most cases of hair loss in women occur during the period of menopause and hair loss usually begins in mid-scalp and expand horizontally. And often precipitation stops after a period of leave an empty space in the middle of the head. In rare cases, the front of the head is of precipitation is similar to male pattern baldness.

The good news is that hair loss in women can be treated surgically or pharmacologically. And confirms this fact, recent research conducted by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. ISHRS

Diagnosis of hair loss

Each patient suffering from hair loss should be subject to a medical and hormonal analysis accurately diagnose where a decision to carry out the process of hair transplantation requires other considerations other than those held by men.

In general, the decision to begin surgical hair replacement takes whether the hair loss has stopped completely and also has been exhausted pharmacological solutions for hair re-growth or can not be applied medicinal solutions after identifying the transplantation.

Hair loss in women is happening in the three main types:

  1. Topical Hair Loss
    Loss caused by topical skin lesion as local alopecia with genetic reason or lichen planus disease or hair loss caused by injuries or the effects of surgery or topical treatment, and most of these cases can be processed in transplantation.
  2.  male pattern hair loss
    Some women have hair falling out similarly for males shall be the place of precipitation in the front of the head with a strong and healthy hair back and sides of the head, and in this case can be a hair transplant also
  3. Comprehensive hair lossIt is most common among women and includes the thinning of the entire hair on the head and a reduction in diameter and thickness of the hair shaft, the term medical for this type of precipitation is Diffuse Un-patterned Alopecia “non-typical balding”, those women who suffer from this type of precipitation is candidates for hair transplant .

Hair loss treatment for women

For the treatment of female hair loss, we need to study the causes.

 We have three main methods of treatment:

  • The medical treatment
  • Hair Transplant
  • Integration Between medicine and surgical treatment

The best way to diagnose the cause of hair loss is a personal consultation. With the doctor, the diagnostic procedure likely include blood tests to determine the cause of hair loss, hormonal imbalances or anemia

In the final diagnosis is determined style medical treatment and whether hair transplant is a viable option to solve the problem or not.

hair transplants for women

Take the following steps before you decide to proceed with hair transplants for women:

  • Personal consultation to check if you are a good candidate for hair transplant
  • Examination of the donor area to determine the number of follicles that can be obtained
  • Examine the recipient area to determine the final number of grafts needed
  • The cost of the procedure

When the decision is followed by:

  • Explain what instructions before planting process
  • Biography medical report of the patient
  • Photographic images
  • To schedule surgery

When should a hair transplant for women?

Pattern baldness in men when the two sides and the back area is still covered with hair. Men who have this type of baldness is usually a successful hair transplant. The area of donor hair from the back of the scalp immune precipitation therefore provide the necessary balding hair areas.

The hormone DHT is responsible for baldness in men, however, it does not have any negative effect on the hair follicles on the sides and back of the head. Normally, these areas of the head with healthy hair follicles and hair in these areas is excellent for use in hair transplant surgery.

When women are usually no fortified areas of hair loss in a stable manner can be found where the hair follicle resistant to baldness, unlike men, are likely to be balding, not only on the top of the head but also on the sides, rear and front and the area where all the woman’s head areas affected to the hormone DHT.

Hair transplants for women

This makes women is filters are good for hair implants. Since it is all hair follicles basically affected in all areas of the woman’s head DHT hormone , any attempt to take them to the balding areas will be useless their hair transplanted follicles is transferred from one place to another. Since the hair follicles have already been affected by the effect of DHT  hormone is primarily grown in the bald area does not solve the problem of baldness.

The small proportion of women (about 5%) suffer from baldness and problems that could benefit from the hair transplant surgery for women. These women have in their heads donor areas where hair follicles healthy and removable to be balding areas.

What kind of women candidates for hair transplant?

  • Some women suffering from voids in the hair of the head
  • Almost all women qualified for the cultivation of eyebrows
  • The lady that I lost some, but not all the hair as a result of burns or other scalp injuries.
  • Women who want to restructure the hair.
  • Women who have suffered hair loss causes baldness or mechanical tensile (non-hormonal)
  • Women with a distinct pattern of baldness, similar to pattern baldness in males-capillary recession, the spaces in front of the head (the crown or top of the scalp), donors and the area not affected by male DHT hormone .
  • Women suffering hair loss due to an accident, including burns and scars formed from accidents and chemical burns.
  • Women who have undergone surgery in the scalp either cosmetic surgery or other wish hide the impact of the surgery.
  • Women who want to restore eyebrows.
  • The women who suffer from hair loss after a face-lift or other cosmetic procedures.

Who are not candidates for hair transplant women?

  • Most of the women are not candidates for hair transplant unlike the above.
  • Women who do not have enough hair follicles in the donor areas (in the case of precipitation pattern is similar for male pattern).
  • Women who have contracted chicken pox scars or thick resulted in a damaged skin tissue, such as those that can result from trauma or burns, or radiation injury.

Perform hair transplants for women

Not to resort to hair transplants for women in some cases to be overlooked with other treatments, and unlike the men, the proportion of women that can hold agriculture to have no more than 5% of all cases.

A decision is made of Agriculture after a series of tests and evaluations. Whatever the psychological need for women to regain lost hair should not give itself any center or technician is qualified to conduct these tests and decide agriculture.

We are in the Health and Beauty Turkey center, we can not all cases we receive from women to accept, since the risk of cases unpredictable gamble longer hair remaining diseased and healthy professional and our future and our reputation.

In cases that are accepted for hair transplants for women we process the success rate will be high because we have full medical and preventive actions

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