SAPPHIRE Hair Transplant

SAPPHIRE hair transplantation is a development of the mother technique FUE, but it gives more intense results and a faster recovery period.

SAPPHIRE hair transplantation comes from a natural stone called SAPPHIRE.

This stone is a non-corrosive stone and more severe than metal. This feature enables the creation of a fine heads that dig channels without breaking or hinging. So, it replaces the metal heads.

The stages of the Sapphire hair transplantation process are no different from the traditional FUE method and the only difference is changing the tool in which the doctor works. The goal is always to reach better results.

Follicle extracting from the scalp

Although it is more difficult to implant using Sapphire hair transplantation. But we’ve always adopted it alongside with DHI technology. The two technologies together have a very satisfactory results for the patients

Hair transplant SAPPHIRE

Sapphire hair transplantation features

  • Greater accuracy in the procedure using small diameter during extraction phase.
  • This accuracy enables us to implant more follicles in the recipient area
  • Sapphire is Compatible with living tissues that reduce any side effects
  • Faster recovery due to the smaller size of channels
  • Faster results in Hair Transplant because of the rapid healing and follicles settlement
  • The bandages can be removed one day after the procedure and therefore less stay in Istanbul

The stages of the SPPHIRE hair transplantation process

  • Shaving off the hair and in some conditions shaving the donor area only
  • Forehead-hairline designing
  • Sterilizing the scalp
  • The application of local anesthesia into the scalp
  • Hair Follicles extraction phase
  • Sorting follicles and make them ready for Implant
  • Bandaging the donor Area
  • (Recipient area) The application of local anesthesia into the implant area
  • Opening Implant channels in the Recipient area
  • Implanting hair follicles into Implant channels
  • In the next day, Scalp washing session will be performed

Hair transplantation have a high success rate, provided being done by an expert specialist or trichologist and also the patient following after procedure advices and instructions when the he/she had it done.

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