Arm lift Surgery in Turkey

Arm lift (brachioplasty) is plastic surgery performed to remove excess skin and fat in the arm, which occur with age, or as a result of losing a large amount of weight. 

Why does sagging happen in the arms?

Having excess fat in the arms or sagging skin happens due to many reasons, that is what makes those who suffer from it resort to arm-lift and skin-tightening procedures.

Sagging happens for multiple reasons like:

Genetic factors: Usually, Body defects that occurred with most people most often return to the presence of genetic factors that led to forming Sagging skin.

Obesity: everything related to obesity, whether it’s gaining excess weight or losing weight, many obesity patients are subject to the presence of sagging arms or other sagging areas in their bodies. Whether it was due excess fat in some areas or losing weight quickly, that will make the skin vulnerable to sagging after Getting rid of the fat in those areas.

Aging: the appearance of sagging in skin is considered a sign of aging process, it appears in different parts of the body. That may get old-age people, women especially, to resort to an arm lift to get rid of sagging and tighten their skin.

Childbirth and pregnancy: Many women notice changes in their bodies after pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. gaining weight, losing weight after pregnancy that may happen in these periods, lead to some sagging in most areas of the body. Additionally, the changes of (Estrogen) hormone level may cause some sagging in both men and women!

Bad habits: Having bad habits may cause fat in certain areas of the body, such as the arms. These habits include eating unhealthy meals that pose a great danger to the body and lead to accumulation of body fat in a certain area, or neglecting exercises and which makes the skin sage and needs to be tightened. 

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Arm Lift Surgery

Preparing for surgery:

The preparation for an arm lift operation includes a prior consultation with the doctor to ensure that the patient does not suffer from (Comorbidities) diseases that may affect this operation. During the consultation, the doctor clarifies the reasons that prompted them to resort to surgery of this type.

The surgeon explains to the patient what are the preferred areas where to remove the excess fat and skin in the arms, usually, the preferred area is the back of the arm. Before surgery, the doctor will ask the patient to get some blood tests- and no need to perform many tests usually, except for a complete blood count (CBC), blood chemistry and Coagulation tests.  

This surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and the doctor must be consulted about the medications that the patient should stop before surgery. Fasting for 8 hours before the surgery is required, and no alcohol intake for 48 hours before the operation.  

During the Surgery:

The shoulders and arms will be completely sterilized, then the sorgon made a several small incisions in the back of the arm (the inner lower part of the arm). The small incisions will be made in the area from the joint to the axillae. The incision goes through the skin and the layers under the skin.

The surgeon then removes the excess tissue – Excess fat and skin. Usually, the surgeons do not prefer to remove large amounts of excess tissue, but rather remove an enough amount that makes the arm less sagging.

In most cases, a large-scale fat removal of fat tissues is not performed during the surgery. except having liposuction done during surgery.

Finally, the skin is tightened and the incisions are sutured using special stitches, and then an elastic bandage is applied. The surgery takes two hours.

Arm lift risks

In addition to pain and infection, Like all surgeries, Arm Lift comes with some risks., you might also have:

  • Bleeding
  • fluid buildup
  • permanent scarring
  • muscle, nerve, or blood vessel damage
  • death of fatty tissue 

The other risks may come with General anesthesia, including:

  • confusion
  • pneumonia
  • heart attack
  • stroke
  • In rare cases – death 

Make sure to talk about all possible risks with your doctor so you can learn how to recognize them and get treatment.

The cost of an arm lift in Turkey

The cost of an arm lift in Turkey varies according to the procedure and The period in which the operation will take place..

The cost of the operation cannot be determined before examining the case through pictures and some questions

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