Vasectomy in Turkey

What is the vasectomy procedure?

A vasectomy is a small surgical procedure performed on a man. It aims to prevent pregnancy by preventing sperm from reaching the semen when ejaculation occurs, and it does not affect the sexual process or orgasm and ejaculation at all, and there are several ways to conduct it, including.

Vasectomy in Turkey

Conventional vasectomy:

The doctor makes a surgical incision in the scrotum to reach the two tubes of the vas deferens, where each testicle has its own tube, and the doctor removes a small piece from each tube and leaves a small gap at the end of them to connect each end with the other end with medical stitches to close the wound and dissolve with time, and the doctor may be able to complete The operation is by cutting one or he may have to perform a second cutting. As a result, sperm can no longer reach the semen or leave the body after the vas deferens are cut.

Vasectomy without a scalpel:

The doctor determines the location of the vas deferens separately by touching the top of the scrotum and uses a clip to fix them in a specific place. Then a small hole will be made in the skin to remove the vas deferens, then cut it and cauterize it or tie it with stitches or both. This procedure is done on the vas deferens.

The doctor feels each vas deferens under the scrotum and uses a clamp to hold it in place. Then the doctor will make a small hole in the skin and pull each vas deferens out. Then he cuts it and then seals it by burning or by using stitches or both. It should be noted that sperm can still come out immediately after vasectomy for a short period of time.

How effective is a vasectomy?

The effectiveness of this procedure is almost 100%. But the tubes can fuse again and the sperms can pass out of the body and cause pregnancy, but the chance of this happening is very small.

What are the side effects of a vasectomy?

This procedure is generally safe, but the person may feel some mild pain after the end of the procedure, along with some swelling in the scrotum and possibly minor bleeding, which are rare and are not usually dangerous if they occur. About 1% to 2% of men experience persistent pain.

As for complications, they are not common or serious, but they may include bruising, inflammation and infection. These are not dangerous at all, but tell your doctor if you have symptoms. There are some other possible but rare problems:

  • Soreness, a feeling of pressure, or discomfort in the testicle
  • Sperm granuloma (a hard mass or inflammation caused by sperm leakage)
  • spermatocele (a sac in the tube that collects sperm)
  • Hydrocele (swelling of the scrotum as a result of a collection of clear, water-like fluid in the sheath surrounding the testicle called the tunica)

What are the benefits of a vasectomy?

This process is considered a reliable method of birth control, and it will never affect the production of testosterone hormones, erection, sexual climax, or any part of sexual life, and it is less dangerous and problematic than tubal ligation in a female.

What about the recovery phase after a vasectomy?

It is preferable to take a rest for at least a day, and the person is likely to feel pain for a few days, and the swelling and pain are treated using ice packs, then the person recovers after about a week.

When can sex again after the operation?

Before beginning intercourse it is important to obtain a test showing that the semen is free of sperm. If the results show that there is still sperm in the semen, the doctor will ask the person to come back later to take the test again. This is the only way to know if a person is in a safe position to return to sex life.

Can a vasectomy be reversed?

Reversing a vasectomy is not easy and is not always successful as this procedure should only be undertaken if the person is certain that they do not want to have children in the future.

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Vasectomy in Turkey

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