Liposuction Surgery in Turkey

Liposuction is a plastic surgery aimed to remove excess fat in certain areas of the body in order to improve the appearance of the body, and to contour the waist and other areas of the body.


A special device is used in the surgery. it sucks small portions of the accumulated excess fat with a vacuum pump. In fact, it is not possible to apply liposuction to all areas of the body that contain excess fat. The operation is performed usually to get rid excess fat in the abdomen, hips, flanks, buttocks, arms and under the chin.

In most cases liposuction is performed in order to improve the patient’s self-esteem and this is the main reason that makes people resort to surgery even if there is no medical necessity for that. Also, many people resort to liposuction when the other means fail to reduce weight or to improve their appearance; like physical activity or having some diets. Liposuction is considered the best to deal with excess fat but the truth is; liposuction does not treat cellulite or obesity.

Preparing for liposuction Surgery:

Preparing for liposuction includes conducting a consultation with the doctor during which the patient is examined whether he/she suffers from other diseases that may Impede liposuction, and the reasons that made the patient resort to this type of surgery are discussed.

The doctor will inform the patient about the areas where liposuction can be performed in the body, and any other areas in which liposuction is useful.

Before the operation, the patient needs to get some tests – Usually, no need to get many tests except complete blood count (CBC), blood chemistry and coagulation tests. For older people, chest X-ray and an EKG may be requested.

Liposuction is performed under general or local anesthesia; it depends on the area where liposuction will be performed.

It is necessary to consult a doctor about the medications that you should stop taking before the operation. And also, You should not drink alcohol in 48 hours before the operation, in addition to fast for 8 hours before the procedure.

Liposuction Procedure Steps

Before starting the surgery, the surgeon draws lines on the patient’s body to define the areas that have been chosen for liposuction. Local anesthesia can be used in case that the areas in which liposuction will be performed are relatively small. After a basic skin cleansing, a small incision 0.5 cm long, is made. Through this incision and a suction pipe  is inserted.

The pipe is attached to a vacuum tube. Thus, the excess fat is suctioned out with the help of a vacuum pump.

No more than 2-10 liters of fat is suctioned out due to the high risk that may occure to the tissues.

The surgeon monitors the amount of fat that has been suctioned during the operation, when the allowed amount is reached, he stops the suction process. Finally, the incision area will be bandaged. And then the patient wears compression garment Immediately after the operation.

Liposuction takes about one – three hours, depending on the amount of fat to be suctioned.

Risks of Liposuction:

Incision infection 

Incision infections are often superficial and treated locally. But in rare cases, it may develop into a more serious infection in the layers under the skin, and sometimes the, the doctor may have to open the incision again in order to get rid of the remnants of bacteria.


It mainly occurs in the area of ​​surgery following local tissue damage. Bleeding may occur immediately after the operation, during the next 24 hours, and in rare cases it may occur weeks or months after the surgery. 


The healing process of the scar that results from the surgical incision depends on genetics and the used stitches. There is no way to predict how the scar will heal after the procedure, but it often fades with time.

Anesthesia risks

The complications often happen due to hypersensitivity to anesthetic drugs (allergic response). In very rare cases, a serious reaction could happen and leads to a drop in blood pressure (anaphylactic shock).

Fat embolism, which is rare! In which a small portion of fatty tissue may tear off and enter venous blood, causing blockage of small blood vessels, for example in the lungs. It is considered one of the serious complications that may lead to low blood pressure, shortness of breath, etc., so being aware and vigilant is a must regarding the possibility of having changes after the operation.

Loss in the ability to sense (numbness) is often temporary, following slight damage to the nerves in the area in which liposuction was performed.

Post-operative treatment:

Only patients who have medium or large amounts of liposuction are required to stay for one night in the hospital to monitor their health status.

A support belt or compression garment should be worn for 3-6 weeks, in order to reduce swelling. Bruising may appear, and may last for a few weeks before fading. Additionally, skin abnormalities may occur which are mostly temporary but may become permanent.

Painkillers can be taken if the patient feels pain after liposuction. The patient has to go to the doctor if he has any of the following: 

  • Pain that does nodt go away even with painkillers, 
  • Nervous issues such as: loss of feeling or feeling weak,
  • Rise in temperature. 
  • Breathing difficulties.
  • Discharge from the surgical incision, 
  • Bleeding

Liposuction Surgery in Turkey

Liposuction Surgery in Turkey is a popular choice for reshape surgeries all over the world. This country is also a leading producer of medical equipment.

Therefore, it has some of the best quality surgeons available. In addition, Turkey is an affordable country and has low cost infrastructure and facilities.

Therefore, Liposuction Surgery in Turkey is an ideal solution for those looking to lose excess fat from different areas of the body.

As discussed above, the price of Mega liposuction from USA is approximately $ 10000 while Mega liposuction surgery in Turkey costs 3000.

Nevertheless, most of the patients who have undergone this procedure say that the results are worth the pain. It is advisable to select a board certified plastic surgeon who has performed many liposuctions. Therefore, the possibility of a side effect is minimized.

You need to follow a healthy lifestyle after undergoing liposuction surgery in Turkey. Before the procedure as well as afterwards, you should ensure that you observe a healthy diet plan and a regular exercise regime. Your surgeon will advise you on the number of sessions to be performed. Usually the surgeon provides you with a list of foods to avoid in order to minimize the fat being removed. If you don’t observe a healthy lifestyle you will not last long after the procedure.

According to research, Turkey is a hub for medical and cosmetic surgeries in the region of Middle East. Therefore, it is not a surprise that there are several Turkish mini cosmetic and plastic surgeons who are extremely qualified.

Therefore, if you want a healthy smile or a sexy body, it would be worthwhile to spend a few extra dollars and get treated by these surgeons.

Liposuction Surgery in Turkey is performed under anesthesia and usually takes two to three hours. It is possible that the surgeon will use a local anesthetic initially, but most of the liposuction procedures are performed under general anesthesia.

The results are impressive, as the surgeon uses a ten liters of a special tumescent fluid to remove the fat from around the abdominal and thighs areas. A mini liposuction of up to ten liters can effectively remove one or two pounds of fat. However, if you need a lot of fat eliminated then a full-body liposuction is highly recommended.

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