Hair transplantation without shaving

Health and beauty clinics in Turkey have been singled out using U-DHI technology for several years until some other center specialists have completed their training in the use of this technology and started practicing it.

In this technique, a specialized tool is used that is capable of extracting and cutting the hair to be snatched and then snipping it together. This technology keeps the donor area without shaving hair, so it looks natural for the hair after the operation.

Hair is transplanted with CHOI pens and this technology also enables us to grow hair without shaving so we do not have to shave any hair from the head. Other than to plant.

The same stages of hair transplantation with U-DHI without a shave are with DHI technology, with different doctor tools in the extract phase and high experience and focus for the medical team.

Hair transplantation features without a U-DHI shave

  • The most important thing is that we won’t shave hair at all
  • Excellent for ladies who want to grow hair without shaving a portion of hair
  • Faster recovery for donor and implanted area

Disadvantages of U-DHI hair transplantation

  • A large number of follicles cannot be implanted and extracted
  • You need a high effort and focus from the medical team
  • Extensive experience with this technology and the scarcity of doctors able to do so
  • High cost due to the small number of doctors and the high effort they require

Stages of the SPPHIRE hair transplantation process

  • Shaving head and some conditions only Shave donor area
  • Draw the front line
  • Sterilize the scalp
  • Spot anesthesia of the scalp
  • Extract hair follicles
  • Sort follicles
  • Clean and bandage the donor Area
  • Local anesthesia of the area to be transplanted
  • Open the channels in the bald area
  • Start planting follicles in channels
  • The next day the scalp is washed from clumps, scars and process debris

The results of hair transplantation without shaving are very successful and are excellent for women as well as for those who want to grow the eyebrows

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