TOOTH REPLACEMENT: Implant versus Bridge

Dental Implants are becoming the preferred treatment for restoring missing teeth, replacing a more conventional option: tooth-supported bridges. There are advantages and disadvantages to both treatments. And dentists need to consider all the many factors and discuss this with their own patients. 

Implant  and Bridge

Dental Implants replace a tooth root. But unlike a real tooth root, the post of the implant actually illuminates with the surrounding bone. Once an abutment and a crown will be attached, then it will become a standalone tooth. Closely replicating a real tooth in operation and appearance. Because of this, dental implants are particularly popular when only one tooth is missing. There must be adequate support, using a high amount and quality of bone for dental implants to be prosperous. The dentist can usually restore the bone with a bone graft prior to implant surgery if it is inadequate

In Comparison they can keep the tooth-supported bridge from ordinary tooth adjacent to the gap, in which they called it abutment teeth. But In order to to replace a single missing tooth, they have to prepare abutment teeth in order to receive dental crowns that the pontic or tooth is attached. and, moreover they complete the comprehensive restoration into the abutment teeth, leads to developing a three-tooth or three-unit bridge. So, consequently to get a tooth-supported bridge to become successful. These abutment teeth have to be somewhat powerful and able to withstand the additional stress of supporting tooth. 

Pros of Choosing Dental Implants:

Well-planned Dental implant treatments can provide highly esthetic and completely functional replacement teeth in which outcomes are predictable and trustworthy. huge benefit of choosing dental implants is the abutment teeth aren’t affected. 

Another important factor is the implant’s effect in the surrounding bone. Dentist copy natural tooth root to prevent jawbone loss and the bone remains healthy and strong. Over time, science and tech can make one implant supported tooth cheaper compared to the usual three-unit bridge.

Cons of Choosing Dental Implants:

Treatment is more expensive and takes more time to complete than a tooth bridge. Minor operation is needed which can discourage some patients. After the implant is placed, it normally needs several months to heal and bond with the bone before a permanent tooth replacement could be fitted. 

Pros of Dental Bridges:

They design a Properly-made dental bridge in order to be fully functional while producing excellent esthetic results. It’s a predictable and dependable treatment that’s initially less expensive than implants. They can complete treatment faster within just a few weeks.

Cons of Dental Bridges:

The Main drawback of a dental bridge would be that dentest must reshaped the abutment teeth and it’s often necessary to eliminate substantial quantities of healthy tooth substance to create space for the crowns that are supporting.

Removing healthy tooth material raises the risk of decay developing underneath the crowns. Some patients might find it tricky to thoroughly clean around the pontic. Whereas Patient can brush implant crown and flossed just like a tooth.

For A lot of people, the priceis an important factor, as will the small surgery to place the implant. But many clinicians utilize computer guided operation, providing patients with a quicker, smoother, more effective, and more accurate treatment. The long-term achievement rates for dental implants are high and individual satisfaction can be greater. As the aesthetic look of single-implant crowns can be extremely gratifying. 

Getting Implant and Bridge treatment in Turkey:

Due to its rapid medical development, skilled doctors and the low treatment costs, Turkey has emerged as one of the top medical tourism destinations for dental treatments.

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