What Is Airsculpt Liposuction in Turkey?

AirSculpt is a new laser liposuction technique that doesn’t require any needles, stitches, or general anesthesia.

Due to the short time it takes to complete and the relatively fast recovery. It has gained the nickname “lunchtime lipo.”

Are you having trouble getting rid of those pesky love handles? Here, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about AirSculpt, a modern liposuction technique that promises to offer you a smoother, more natural look than any other body contouring procedure.


What exactly is AirSculpt?

Most people who have heard of AirSculpt have also heard of its founder, Dr. Aaron Rollins, who has been dubbed “Hollywood’s liposuction doctor to the stars” by various media outlets. Rollins is the founder of Elite Body Sculpture, a plastic surgery clinic chain located in Beverly Hills with locations throughout the United States.

His proprietary laser liposuction technique. He says, helps him to assist patients in achieving their ideal body form with minimal side effects.

How does it work?

Some lipo lasers are similar to AirSculpt. To begin, a 2mm incision is made in the skin to allow a numbing solution (local anesthesia). And air to be injected into the fat. This is where the word AirSculpt comes from. If required, medications can be prescribed to help you relax.

The fat is then melted with the aid of a laser. And then the fat is removed through a narrow tube in the final stage (cannula). The overall treatment is similar to other laser lipo procedures that involve general anesthesia.

AirSculpt does not require general anesthesia and does not require stitches. Instead of a line or suture marks, which are more common in other procedures. The intention is to only leave a tiny mark on the skin that looks like a freckle.

Since the hole that is punched eliminates a portion of the skin, this usually produces positive results, but it will still leave marks.

The fat is removed one cell at a time using a device that feels like a massage. It vibrates 1,000 times a minute, and most of the patients just experience vibration. It uses a much smaller tube because it’s so fast. this would result in quicker recovery, less downtime, and more reliable results.

What can be predicted in terms of outcomes?

There have been no major trials that have shown the advantages of laser lipo over conventional liposuction. AirSculpt can tighten skin, but there is little evidence to support this argument.

An analysis of 25 patients who had conventional lipo on one side of the body and laser lipo on the other discovered that laser lipo had no additional benefits.

While the advantages of laser lipo are somewhat close to those of AirSculpt, this is only an extrapolation and should not be taken as an exact representation.

While the advantages of laser lipo are somewhat close to those of AirSculpt, this is only an extrapolation and should not be taken as an exact representation.

Is AirSculpt liposuction right for me?

AirSculpt can be done on people of any weight group.

A substantial amount of fat may be removed during the operation. This volume varies from the size of an espresso cup or shot glass (50ml) up to six standard cups, similar to conventional liposuction (1.4L).

Liposuction is not a weight-loss treatment, according to the FDA, but it is a choice for patients who are within 30 percent of their target weight.

It’s also worth mentioning that procedures that remove more fat are more difficult and take longer to complete. They’re even more likely to damage the tissue underneath the fat.

As a result, AirSculpt is more likely to help people with smaller, more localized problem areas who are marginally overweight and unable to lose stubborn fat while pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

People who have struggled with saddlebags and other unique issues for most of their lives have seen positive results. And according to the doctors, those people are generally the happiest with the result.

Is AirSculpt a safe procedure?

In 2013, the FDA approved AirSculpt. Since it’s so close to other laser lipo procedures, it’s believed to be as secure as the other certified products.

Some experts, on the other hand, believe that more data should be gathered before making protection and superiority statements.

Laser lipo under local anesthesia is healthy, according to a study of 582 patients. However, a smaller study of 25 patients found that laser lipo has more side effects because the heat from the laser can release fats into the bloodstream, causing kidney or liver damage.

Plastic surgeons believe that the risks of laser lipo are close to those of conventional lipo. They are most often induced by doctors conducting procedures without proper preparation.

Deformed shape, unsatisfactory outcomes, burns, and scarring are the most common laser lipo complications.

Is AirSculpt a painful procedure?

Patients who have had AirSculpt claim it is painless, and the analysis of 25 patients described earlier found that laser lipo is less painful than conventional lipo.

However, AirSculpt will cause irritation, and you will most likely experience pain until the numbing solution wears off. Despite news that the pain is tolerable, most people need painkillers before the surrounding tissue heals completely.

Having Airsculpt Liposuction in Turkey?

The patient must carefully search for an appropriate service provider, have information, and ask about the surgeon and his experience. And also, checking examples of his previous operations.

Accordingly, we encourage you to contact the Health & Beauty to obtain all information and details, and to ensure that you have your operation done by the hands of the most skilled doctors working in this specialty.

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