Gynecomastia – Breast reduction for men

Gynecomastia in men is defined as a sagging appearance of the breast, and a benign (non-malignant) increase in its size as a result of imbalance between male and female hormones (testosterone and estrogen) in men.

When that happens, it leads to an increase in breast channels and branches, in addition to the spread of glands and lumps around the nipple. The increase of fat in the breast forms what is known as a false gynecomastia. 

Gynecomastia is divided into 2 types: 

  • Homogeneous gynecomastia affecting both breasts 
  • Non-homogeneous gynecomastia affecting just one breast.

Moreover, Gynecomastia in men extends to cause other health issues, such as diabetes, stress, low sexual desire and other diseases, so it turns from just a cosmetic problem to a problem that must be solved!


Causes of Gynecomastia 

  • Hormonal changes in the body
  • Excessive use of certain medications
  • Obesity
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Cancerous tumors

Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia is a surgery in which the size of the breast is reduced and the excess sagging is removed from it, so that it returns to its natural shape by getting rid of the fibrous or fatty tissue surrounding the nipple.  By making some surgical incisions around the nipple, the surgery will be processed. Additionally, having a healthier lifestyle, adjusting the hormonal balance of body and exercising will be required.

Also, having gynecomastia reduces the possibilities of many other health issues, and therefore it is not considered a cosmetic procedure as much as a therapeutic necessity.

Candidates for Gynecomastia Surgery

Breast enlargement in men is a pathological condition, and the surgery is a main treating solution rather than a cosmetic surgery.

Candidates for this procedure are men with enlarged breasts, that has failed to be treated with drugs and medications.

If the patient suffers from any hormonal disorders, their causes must be known and be corrected before surgery, and also, the patient must be in good physical and health condition and not suffer from any chronic diseases that may cause problems or complications in the process.

Likewise, the patient should not be a smoker and not addicted to any kind of medicine or drugs.

Those who wish to undergo gynecomastia surgery should have a realistic view, set a realistic goal that can be achieved, and try to make their visions consistent with the vision of the surgeon who will perform the operation, so that they can achieve satisfactory results.

The patient’s weight must be normal also, and if the sagging of the breast is caused by an increase in weight, Then the patient must reach an appropriate weight before undergoing surgery.

And the breast enlargement must have reached a stabilized stage (not in an active augmentation) because if there is an active enlargement, breast enlargement will reappear after successful surgery.

If this surgery is performed on adolescents, the patient may have to repeat it after a while when the breast reappears.

Tips after Gynecomastia Surgery

  • The recovery period ranges from two to three weeks, with bandages applied to the breasts.
  • It is recommended to wear an elastic band or elastic garment to prevent swelling.
  • A tube (drainage) may be placed inside the wound to get rid of any accumulation of blood or fluid in the wound during the first days after the operation.
  • The doctor will give you all necessary instructions to take care of the surgery area, and you may have to stay at hospital for several days depending on your condition after the surgery.
  • In most cases, results of the surgery are permanent, but in some cases of adolescents, the results will be temporary, so the breasts will be enlarged after a while and needs to be repeated again.
  • In general, if you come home after the surgery and feel pain in your chest, or if you have any accumulation of fluids or any unpleasant smell from the surgery area, you must contact your doctor immediately.
  • In case if there is a shortness of your breath or if you have an abnormal or unusual heartbeat, you should see a doctor immediately. In all cases, the doctor’s instructions must be followed carefully and completely till you recover.

Results of Gynecomastia Surgery

  • The results of gynecomastia treatment appear immediately after the surgery. The surgery leaves very small scars that disappears very quickly.
  • The final results of the operation take several months until the swelling goes away.
  • There must be scars for the operation, but the doctor will try to hide them as much as possible, while the results and the type of treatment used depend largely on the causes of Gynecomastia.
  • In fact, the results are often satisfactory to the patient, provided that his expectations are realistic. If the gynecomastia treatment includes surgical removal of some breast tissues, then it includes tightening the skin and leaving the chest with a strong and tight appearance.
  • In the case of liposuction, the elasticity of the skin plays a big role in adapting to the new body, and the chest appears tight especially with exercise during the period of two to three months after the surgery.
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