Like the first one, the second facelift is safe

The fantastic news for Sagging faces: A second facelift isn’t likely to be any more compared to the first. We all know that obesity is harmful to anyone’s health. Not everybody with obesity stocks the same risk for developing cardiometabolic risk factors.

second facelift

Researchers State the findings are reassuring because individuals who have another facelift are generally older than first-time recipients. Elderly patients frequently suffer from other medical conditions such as high blood pressure that might increase risks associated with surgery. 

Researchers looked at if 101 repeat facelift patients with age of 60 had a higher rate of complications than first-time! They found that only 2% suffered from any major complications, which is comparable to rates among younger, first-time patients.

Investigators Say that reduced rate of complications was particularly significant because more than 75% of these repeat patients decide to add cosmetic procedures, for example laser treatment and eyelid operation, during the facelift.

Through this Study, we found that secondary facelifts in older patients combined with additional cosmetic procedures are secure. However, we also discovered there are specific considerations with older patients such as medical conditions and surgical techniques. For example, the researchers state a second-time facelift patient’s skin is generally thinner and less elastic. Elderly patients are also more likely to suffer from hair loss. And surgeons need to be aware an incision in the hairline could generate extra hair loss.

Having facelift in Turkey,

Due to its rapid medical development, skilled doctors and the low treatment costs, Turkey has emerged as one of the top medical tourism destinations for plastic surgeries.

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