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Hospital holds the best certificates in the world in the quality of medical service

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Plastic Surgereis

Health & Beauty Turkey offers a wide spectrum of plastic surgery for men and women, doing the operations doctors with experience and global reputation in their fields.

The reliance of health and beauty center in Turkey make sure that the results of operations would be above expectations because of the great doctors and the rest of the medical team for the experience.

All processes are the best hospitals in Istanbul healthy environment sterile under the direct supervision of the Turkish Ministry of Health and several international medical organizations.




Note the slight change in the nose offset by a significant change in the face
Despite the difficulty of rhinoplasty from a medical point of cosmetic surgery, but it is one of the easiest operations with Doctors of "health and beauty" because of the great experience and the number of operations conducted by our doctors.


The goal of the process varies depending on the patient, either for cosmetic purposes as enlarge or reduce the size of the nose or repair birth defects or deformities caused by accidents. Or for purposes related to the functional breathing.

However, the firm that rhinoplasty creates a major change in the face

The purpose of rhinoplast

  • Deviation of the nose and nasal bridge
  • Deviation of cartilage that form the introduction to the nose
  • Nasal bridge the emergence of clearly
  • Narrow or expand the nostrils
  • The magnitude of the size of the nose
  • Weak pillar Introduction nose and front edge
  • Inconsistency size of the upper part with the lower part of the nose, or vice versa
  • Beauty birth defects nose
  • Fittest deviation pace

Operation and duration of residence

Operation period of 1-3 hours depending on the situation
Residence in Istanbul, one of them for six days in the hospital and the rest of the days in the hotel



One of the most common cosmetic surgery in the world and in the center of "health and beauty." Liposuction (Liposuction) is a surgical procedure in which the withdrawal of the excess fat from a certain area or several areas in body. This process is designed to remove fat clusters to improve the shape of the body. The more fat areas are communist in the abdominal area and breasts for men and areas of the pelvis and hips and shoulders for the ladies.


Here the suction process has in the abdomen and chest area

Goals liposuction

  • Improve the appearance of the body by removing grease pools that do not go away by sport.
  • Beauty specific areas in the body contains excess fat
  • Improve sexual function by relaxing the grease on the inner region of the thigh
  • Benign lipomas
  • Gynecomastia: It is the presence of fatty breast tissue in men

Operation and duration of residence

Operation period of 1-3 hours depending on the situation
Residence in Istanbul four days, including one in the hospital and the rest of the days in the hotel

Arm Lift Operation

arms Lift surgery is most effective process of cosmetic surgery is dedicated flatten the skin of the lower part of the arm and to treat a medical condition known as deformation bat-like wing. This process is considered more common among women than men, and this process is based on the re-formation of skin arms, which lead to a more harmonious and proportionate appearance.

Arm Lift

This process has a lady in his 48-year-old after having a diet to lose weight

The purpose of the operation

  • Remove excess skin in the lower part of the arm.
  • Remove fat in the lower region of the arm.


Tummy tuck operation

Tummy tuck operation option can give belly taut and flat. Where you can carve and beautify the body to remove fat and excess skin and re-strengthen muscles Aldaah to get a belly more smoothly and consistently.

Many diets and sports activities are not enough to give the desired appearance for many women, so Hiljin for cosmetic surgery.

The purpose of the tummy tuck operation

  • For women after birth where the skin of the abdomen expands during periods of pregnancy
  • Men and women after obesity and weight reduction

Operation and duration of residence

Operation period of 1-3 hours depending on the situation
Residence in Istanbul, one of which is sufficient for four days in the hospital and the rest of the days in the hotel



Facelift be common for women than men, are women over the age of 45 more applications for this process because of the time left him in the face

Wrinkles deep face and sagging fat in the neck and under the chin are the result of many natural factors such as sunshine and fatigue and exhaustion and psychological factors in addition to age, so turn a lot of face-lift is the only solution to resist all previous problems through the fat removal and tightening skin and muscle to get the face of my youth. It seems the face of a person younger by about 15 to 20 years.


This process is one of the complex face-lift operations, with a face lift, neck and forehead area

The purpose of the operation

  • Remove all the wrinkles in the face and neck and forehead
  • Including sadness line
  • Remove wrinkles cheeks
  • Remove neck wrinkles

Take a mini face lift process of 2-4 hours, and conducted local anesthesia or general. Length of stay of four days, including one in the hospital and the rest in the hotel


Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is a common operation to enlarge the size of the breasts. As this operation is carried out for women who want to restore the size of the chest as a result of lost body weight loss, pregnancy or lactation.

There are different ways to enlarge the size of the chest, such as the way Upsizing using brine and upsizing the use of silicon.

Breast augmentation

Any women can do a breast augmentation

  • Breast fully developed.
  • Good health .
  • Not smoking.
  • Do not use drugs.
  • Have a look and a realistic goal for the shape you want for her breast after the operation.
    A stable weight.

Breast lift operation

Breast lift surgery is allocated to flatten the breast and restore the youthful looks of this process is usually carried out for women who had experienced the stages of pregnancy and lactation, which negatively affect the appearance of the breast where the lead to stretch marks.


Breast lift

The purpose of the operation

  • Women with small breasts or flabby and you want to get fixed and youth released by surgery.
  • Expansion areola
  • Issued or extended low
  • Nipple shape heading down
  • Breasts unequal in size

Of course the most important male cosmetic surgery, in case you are inquiring about the processes mentioned here or other operations, please contact us.