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    بالون المعدة

    Gastric Balloon

    A balloon filled with saline is inserted into the stomach in order to reduce the size of the stomach, and so the amount of food intake is reduced which lead to feel full quicker .
    The balloon is removed then after 6 months or a year after the patient has lost his/her excess weigh.

    تكميم المعدة

    Gastric Sleeve

    In this procedure, the stomach size is reduced around 70%, forming a new shap as a size of banan, so that would lead to eat less food and feel full quicker.

    تحويل المسار

    Gastric Bypass

    A small part of the stomach is separated and then connected directly to the intestine, so the size of the stomach is reduced almost 80%.
    That would lead to reduce the amount of the food you eat so you loose weight.

    حقن المعدة

    Gastric Injection

    A substance is injected into the stomach wall that cause temporary paralysis to stomach muscles, Then the muscles’ fuction will be impaired, so the food stays for a longer period in the stomack which makes you feel full and reduces amount consumed food.

    طي المعدة

    Gastric Plication

    This procedure is accomplished by Folding the stomach at three levels, i.e. reducing its size by 70% or more, so the stomach becomes like a tube,
    thus reducing the stomach’s ability to absorb food and reducing appetite.


    Smart Capsule

    Elipse Balloon is an innovative gastric balloon that creates a feeling of fullness by filling up space in your stomach.

    There will be no need to come back again to get rid of the capsule as it goes away by it self.

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