Steps of hair transplantation

In order to obtain the best possible result for hair transplantation. We have some guidelines we ask you to be followed by the process of hair transplant. These are general guidelines for most patients and for special cases we will contact you before the process to review the medical history and provide you with the necessary instructions. Of course these instructions suitable for all hair transplant and beard and processes for men and women.

hair transplantation

Preparations before hair transplantation

  • It is preferred in most cases to start eating Vitamin C1000 mg. Three times a day for two weeks before the hair transplant two weeks after the operation and to assist in the healing of wounds.
  • A week of hair transplant before it is important to stop smoking and drinking alcohol. It is also important to the scalp to the sun not exposed directly.
  • Stop all the hard work and exercise stressful before the operation three days later.
  • It is important to stay on the medication daily routine as determined by the primary care doctor.
  • If you use inhalers to breathe. It is important to use a metered morning of the operation as directed by your doctor. Also bring with you to the hospital on the day of the operation.
  • After the middle of the night before the hair transplantation process, please do not eat or drink anything you did not say otherwise. This includes water and chewing gum. During the time of the operation, we will provide breakfast and lunch. So please let us know if you have any allergy to food or special dietary requirements.
  • Avoid generation mode or any spray on your hair.
  • Lack of exposure to the air directly.
  • Avoid using hair dryer.
  • Defected comfortable clothes and prefers buttoned shirt.
  • After that the process will begin as normal and comfortable and you can by listening to music and watching TV

The timing of the hair transplantation

The order will be therapeutic journey between you and the medical team’s agenda. Aand in the day of the operation will be attended by the driver to take you to the hospital. Most operations take place in the morning between the seventh and the ninth hour, unless agreed otherwise.

These regulations are essential for most cases and can be added to it a private sense of the state of health of the patient’s instructions.

Also, some patients are asking modified date of the operation, and of course this will be available to them unless there is another booking in the same time.

These stages apply to the majority of hair transplants for men and women, bread and eyebrows by FUE technology

Before hair transplantation process directly

Patients up to Istanbul one day before the operation (and sometimes in the same day). After a good night’s sleep in one of the luxury hotels are patient escort to the hospital by a private car.

It is clinical preview with the doctor where he examined the hair roots and determine the lines of planting in agreement with the patient.

Made during the discussion to determine the number of hair grafts that will be transplanted  and how they are distributed among regions in the blanks and also density required by the patient and the possibility of achieving them. As clinical preview with the doctor be more accurate than the preview images by phone.

The doctor also advised depending on the patient’s condition in any complementary treatments, both pharmacological treatments or  PRP.

After clinical preview is a blood test to detect any contraindications to the process. And if the result is a sound patient preparation shaved hair and then anesthetized the donor area.

Pick out follicles

Pick out follicles
Pick out follicles

It is pick out the hair follicles from the donor area from the back and sides of the head. In special cases, is pick out the beard or area of the body (for men).
Pick out a device used in the process contains a cylindrical shape needle. Where will surround the needle to the hair follicles to pick out it with the rotational movement in order not to harm the living tissue of the roots of the hair.

Needles are used to pick out a variable diameters. as the micro-needles are designed to pick out the one hair bulb, and the broader for two hair bulb and border for   three hairs bulb.

Pick out follicles
Pick out follicles

“pick out” process made small scars after hair transplant, this scars disappear two weeks at the latest.

The procedure allows us to pick out up to 4,500 follicles in one session. It is extracted number of follicles needed to cover the bald area safely without harming the donor area at the back or sides of the head.

While the doctor to follow up the implementation of this process. T

he members of the medical team dispersed the follicles into groups for easy counting and distribution. And pick out the bulbs after the end of the process. The process stops to take a short break to deal with the patient’s food.

Digging canals step

After the break applies objective anesthesia again, but the area where the sow hair. After the opening of the medical micro channels in which the hair follicles will be laid by a special device in accordance with the correct angle for hair growth.

Hair transplantation in canals

It is the last phase of the hair transplantion where they are planting the bulbs which is separated into groups. And the most important point at this stage is to transplant hair follicles according to the point of natural hair growth.

Monounsaturated follicles are transplanted into the front section of hair to form the front line and give a natural look 100%. The bulbs are planted bilateral or trilateral in the rear section to ensure natural hair density, and so ends hair transplant process.

After the end of this stage riding a patient’s own car which will take him to the hotel. The next day after the operation is a free day the patient can exercise routine is stressful activities such as shopping and sightseeing.

Remove the bandage and washing

Two days of the operation. The car pick up the patient to the hospital to change bandage and washing hair.

The specialists will remove the bandage and wash the head in full (and beard in the event of growing the beard). And is also your training on hair washing way through the recovery phase it is essential. That this process is in the hospital to make sure the occurrence of any damage caused by the bulbs planted.

Each patient will get special shampoo and lotion for the treatment of all head and bread areas after the operation as well as the necessary drugs

Thus, the stages of hair transplant have ended with the wishes you a successful surgery and happy time Health & Beauty

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