When considering plastic surgery like Rhinoplasty, it is important to research about the conclusion of this surgery, recovery time and potential difficulties.  Like any surgery, there are always risks.  Some people are at higher risk than others.  Some procedures can help 1 patient in a very good way. While another individual using the exact same procedure, might have a not as dramatic change.  Consulting with your physician can help you having more insight about the attainable outcomes for you.


Who can get A Rhinoplasty?

 It’s among the top 5 most frequent plastic surgeries and the very popular plastic surgery among teenagers.  The best candidates for Rhinoplasty are:

  • Whether you feel that your nose is too large or small when compared with your other facial features, rhinoplasty could be perfect for you.
  • People that feel that their nose is too wide, could have rhinoplasty done in which their physician creates a more notable bridge along with narrower nose.
  • If you’ve got a bump on your bridge, then doctors can smooth out your nose to remove the bump.
  • Crooked Nose
  • Restricted or overly flared nostrils are equally frequent reasons for people to seek out rhinoplasty.
  • Deviated Septum along with other difficulties causing breathing irregularities are responsible for a proportion of nose task surgeries (Einstein Medical, 2015).

Rhinoplasty is best once the bone and cartilage structure is totally mature.  Rhinoplasty can restore balance to facial characteristics of patients, and oftentimes, it can improve one ‘s wellbeing.  From confidence to efficiency, rhinoplasty resolves imbalance problems. 

Something important to consider when looking into having rhinoplasty done is your life’s demands.  What can you expect post op?  Normally, the bandaging and splint could be removed by your physician about a week following surgery.  Expect having lots of swelling.  This might be a time that you just need to rest at home and keep away from social occasions.  Immediately following the surgery, your physician will advise you to keep your motion minimal along with your head elevated.  It’s possible to use cold compresses to lower the severity of swelling and bruising.  

What Are the Risks?

Well! there will be the usual risks with any surgery, nevertheless, you might get nose bleeds, have scarring and potential numbness afterward.  There is a possibility you’ll require another second or third surgery to achieve efficient outcomes.  But in the event that you openly talk about your expectations and desired results with your physician. And the two of you are in agreement that the objective is achievable, that greatly reduces the likelihood of more than 1 surgery.  Even though rhinoplasty is a well-practiced and routinely done procedure, everyone’s body Differs, and responds differently to the operation.

What is the ideal age for Rhinoplasty?

Well, your bone structure has to be mature and done growing.  However, there are teenagers as young as 13 having rhinoplasty procedures done.  Physicians say that girls 15-16, are ideally old enough to undergo the surgery without danger of stunting growth or disrupting the outcomes of the rhinoplasty.  It’s possible if the individual is too young that bone growth can restructure what the surgeon has done! For male teens, they’re generally a couple years behind.  Male teens should wait until 17-18 before considering rhinoplasty to guarantee the longevity of their outcomes and lowering the probability of complications.

The normal recovery time .(though every individual is different ), is approximately 10-14 days. After the surgery for the bruising and swelling to subside, allowing you to join social occasions.  But it is generally a few weeks ahead of your physician releases you for strenuous actions again.


Due to its rapid medical development, skilled doctors and the low treatment costs, Turkey has emerged as one of the top medical tourism destinations for plastic surgeries.

Our experienced medical team at Health&Beauty is here to assist you if you wish to discuss your case in more detail.

Make sure to get all instructions about how to take care of your nose and also the usage of medications in writing before you head home. It’s extremely important to follow your doctor’s advice to prevent complications.

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