General outlines about Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, which comes from the Greek word for “nose” and “to shape” is a surgery that reshapes the nose. The most common reasons why people undergo Rhinoplasty are mostly cosmetic Reasons. This surgery can do several things for them like: Changing in both size and shape of the nose according to facial structure.

surgeon will make an incision in the nostril where he will insert the needle and the surgeon will remove the excess skin. You might experience some swelling and bruising after the plastic surgery, however this will just disappear after a few days. The cost of rhinoplasty varies according to the type of nose job, but it is typically on the higher end.

Rhinoplasty outlines

so, what is it for?

  • Functional Reasons: Some patients have a functional problem with their nasal septum because it is deviated slightly from its proper position. They may be short or unusually long. Another common problem is that the septum might be too large, which causes it to bump into the nose when breathing. To correct this, a rhinoplasty is performed.
  • Soften Your Appearance: Some patients may have lost some of their youthful appeal due to their appearance. In order to regain their former appeal. They go with rhinoplasty For instance, if your nose is too large, your surgeon places silicone wedges under your nose to straighten it out. They make These wedges out of silicone and placing it inside a hollow acrylic tube. By using this procedure, your surgeon places your features in their proper place thus making your face look more proportionate.
  • Enhance Your Appearance: Another reason why patients seek rhinoplasty is to enhance their appearance. When a patient undergoes this surgery, they can expect a long recovery period, as well as some swelling and bruising around the incision area. Some people even experience bone loss after this surgery as well as muscle weakness in the area. To deal with these side effects, your surgeon will perform soft tissue grafts.

Take Advantage of a Free Consult

A free consultation is highly recommended to you prior to having any rhinoplasty surgery. This is so that the plastic surgeon can evaluate your nasal shape and size, as well as the best approach that will suit you. During this consult, your plastic surgeon will ask you about any issues that may be causing restriction or problems to your breathing while sleeping. After this evaluation, the plastic surgeon will be able to determine if you are a good candidate for this operation. Once the doctors give you the green light to have the operation, you will be able to schedule your procedure.

Avoid Smoking

The most obvious reason why you should avoid smoking while you have this surgery is because of the risks involved in it. Smoking narrows blood vessels that supply blood to the skin around the surgical area. This reduces blood flow and reduces oxygenation to the area. In addition, nicotine reduces the effectiveness of silicone gels that your surgeon applies before the surgery. This may result to an inadequate incision and an inadequate appearance post-surgery.

Improper breathing while sleeping can also cause poor nasal septum appearance. When you sleep with your mouth open, the septum separates from the nose. As a result, it cannot effectively prevent mucus from draining, which leads to excessive drying. This prevents the air from reaching the other areas of the respiratory system which requires air to properly breathe. By avoiding smoking, you will be able to avert this complication and preserve your good appearance while having Rhinoplasty.

Scheduling Surgery:

Typically they schedule the Rhinoplasty surgeries during the morning hours or evening. If you plan to have an open rhinoplasty, then the surgical date can either be scheduled during the day or night. It is important for you to know that only trained surgeons are allowed to perform the procedure. Open surgeries are typically more expensive as compared to those that are performed in the morning or evening.

How to recover from Rhinoplasty

You will need to recover from your surgery in a week-long time period. Most surgeons will recommend that you stay in constant contact with the surgeon for the first few days following your surgery. They will ask you to observe how your nose looks like after the surgery, as well as to report any changes in your nose.It is important for you to follow all of your surgeon’s advice in order to ensure maximum success rate for your surgery. When choosing anesthesia, most plastic surgeons will combine rhinoplasty with anesthesia for both ears. In some cases, one can opt for general anesthesia to minimize the risks of complications.

Having Rhinoplasty surgery in turkey:

Due to its rapid medical development, skilled doctors and the low treatment costs, Turkey has emerged as one of the top medical tourism destinations for plastic surgeries.Our experienced technical staff at Health&Beauty is here to assist you if you wish to discuss your case in more detail.

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