FAQs about all services

The real cost is US $ 2,500, including all services within Istanbul, but you can get rebates and offers we announce them periodically on the page cost of hair transplantation

You definitely need to book an appointment for the procedure, at least two weeks ahead of schedule, our policy is one process per day in order to benefit from the full care and concentration of the medical team on a single operation.

You can contact us at the number

TEL, Whats App, Viber +90 531 596 93 83

Take a hair beard transplantation operation need of 6-8 hours, but to eyebrows need of 2-3 hours

You need three days / two nights in Istanbul, where the day of the operation and the next day break off and the last day to lift the dressing and washing hair

Certainly. You need two nights in Istanbul, where the first day will be in the process of transplantation and the third day washing and remove the bandage. It can compress the time to be practical day and the next day remove the bandage and washing.