After Hair Transplant

A guide to Hair Transplant Surgery

Finished hair transplant process now, Here you will find instructions after the operation and explained the situation that will pass out so you get a full natural hair

steps of hair transplantation

Stages of the healing process after a hair transplant technology FUE

Steps hair growth and healing after a hair transplant as well as the most important instructions and guidelines of. What we will talk about it applies to cases of hair transplants for men and women and the transplantation of the beard .

It is important to remember that each person will have experience of different conditions in the ten transplantation process, first the number of follicles excerpted and planted from the hair can vary greatly from one person to another depending on the needs of its own, and a second body each person interacts with things in different ways.

There are no principles or common standards among all, not even the exact date for the appearance of the final results, but there are indications of which to be aware that you are okay and you are moving towards the desired result.

Our doctors based on their opinion of their experience and the number of operations they conducted and monitor the development of each case

Before you performed the hair transplant Our doctors will tell you about the expected outcome of the process, according to the health condition and quality of the hair in the donor area density, so but can not be any doctor that sets you a precise date 100% gives you the best expected result.

After Hair Transplantation Immediately

Immediately after the hair implant process will be able to see the outline of the new hair, however it will not necessarily be the final result, and this is determined by the extent of your commitment to the instructions of the doctor.

In theory, you can return to work the next day, but I always recommend that you take a few days rest to fully recover and give yourself enough space of time to complete the instructions after the hair transplant. Where the doctor will advise specific guidance including what is in them and what is special for your condition.

Four days after the hair transplant process.

After a few days after the operation, you will notice a big difference in the appearance of hair, and swelling can appear in the forehead area or the front and you will feel some pain. But it is important to remember that this will not be the final result.

After three to four weeks

After several weeks at least transplanted hair will start with precipitation and this is quite a normal part of the healing does not need to worry about it. In very rare cases. During this period, we should pay attention if you notice any bleeding or blood spots they must contact your doctor to figure out the appropriate action, but in the vast majority of cases, it is completely normal and does not constitute any threat to the success of the operation.

The donor area have recovered fully

New hair starts to develop in the skin texture but will be noticeable, in this case, the dermis of the new bulbs have completely docked to the dermis of the scalp and ended caution stage.

Six months after the hair transplant

It is known that most people grow their hair at a rate of 1 cm per month, so you will see the vanguard of the new hair has started to appear after 5-6 months, and every day in the mirror, you will find several hairs have emerged, the most interesting phase in the hair transplant journey. Of course, here you will not see the final results of the operation to 12 months later to have this period extended to eighteen months in some people at the latest.

After hair transplant pictures

The evolution of the case of hair transplant during the first two weeks after the operation

Instructions must be introduced after the hair transplant

  1. In the first two days flowing liquids that have been placed in an area that has hair transplant to the area of the forehead where there is a slight swelling will disappear in two or three days. To avoid swelling recommend that some snow cut on the forehead and the front.
  2. In the first four days after the hair transplant hour attention should be good for no harm occurs in transplanted hair
  3. In the first four days it should be the patient’s head remains higher than the level of the body.
  4. You must use drugs inflammation and pain pills a period of at least a week.
  5. You must use biotin pills that will provide you with the center for five days, to reduce the transplanted hair follicles weak growth and a stronger fall.
  6. Stay away from stressful business and violent sports for fifteen days after the operation.
    Lack of exposure to sunlight directly.
  7. Not to swim for a month and a half, whether in the pool or in the sea.
  8. Do not put hair dye or hair hairdressers or generation in the first six months after the operation.
  9. Non-razor shaving machine or mousses (code) in the first six months.
  10. You can not put the hat on the head for a long time.
  11. Showering after a hair transplant.
  12. It is washed transplanted hair after the second day of the procedure.

Haır Transplantatıon Washing way:

  1. Before the bathroom is put lotion on the cultivated area lightly, for an hour and a half.
  2. Must use lukewarm water and a mild washing lotion on the subject of hair, and then put a little shampoo on hand is rubbing in the hand and put foam on the hair lightly.
  3. Must wash shampoo light-water without touching the hair.
  4. The second day are the same process, but are advised not to rub the hair fingers, just touching the transplanted area is very light to get rid of the remnants of blood curd.
  5. You must use shampoo 5.5 Bh, a period of fifteen days after the procedure.
  6. Stay away from the use of hot water for bathing period of fifteen days.
  7. Not use the towel for drying hair after a bath period of at least a month.
  8. The use of natural air drying hair after a bath.
  9. In the first days of the operation period of 5-6 days must be fully cautious because the bulbs are planted too sensitive.

The effects of smoking on hair transplant

Smoking leads to carbon dioxide enter the blood 200 times on what is normal, and this affects the amount necessary for the growth of follicles transplanted oxygen. Therefore we recommend not smoking before the operation, and four days after the hair transplant operation four days, or ease of smoking as much as possible.

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