10 Reasons to transplant your hair in turkey

Turkey is the most famous country in the global healthcare and medical tourism, especially hair transplants . Istanbul is the most important therapeutic destination in the world, but why?

زراعة الشعر في تركيا

  1. Istanbul alone contains 233 hospitals with a capacity of 23 thousand beds.
  2. It is the headquarters of the seventeen Medical College within thirty-five University.
  3. Held in Istanbul, one hundred and thirty scientific conferences every year. If each conference extends to three days, it means that a day up to Istanbul doctors and experts from all over the world to attend.
  4. Being in Istanbul alone about five thousand hair transplant surgery a month, come from all countries of the world.
  5. Is the city of Istanbul is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world and this is an addition to visitors arriving for treatment.
  6. Lower the cost of medical services compared to the quality of the service provided. For example, the cost of hair transplant in Turkey, sometimes equal to 10% of the cost in the US or Canada.
  7. Latest technologies that connect them directly applied science find in Turkey, especially hair transplant techniques.
  8. A large number of qualified doctors in various specialties they can offer their services to the vast number of visitors not to mention citizens.
  9. A large army of nurses and workers in the medical field.
  10. Istanbul's strategic location in the heart of the world to make it easy to access and inexpensive for everyone.