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    • The hips and waist area is one of the most prominent features of beauty and attractiveness for women, and its measurments are of the criteria for fashion models and beauty contests.
    • The hip area should be prominent from the sides and back to form the so-called S curves.
    • The procedure is usually done with fat removal with liposuction from waist and abdomen area and reinjecting fat into the buttocks to form the curves.
    • The cost of the operation depends on the condition of each patient individually, according to the areas of liposuction and fat injection, and whether you need lifting.

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    In our center, we have 4 doctors who perform plastic surgeries. All of them hold the ademic rank of Professor . By the help of our patient representative, you’ll be able to choose the best doctor based on your preferences and options.

    We advise you to contact us before booking your trip to Istanbul in order for the doctor to be available to perform the operation for you.

    buttocks augmentation program will be as follows:

    • It begins by having consultation with the surgeon who will perform the surgery; in which surgery options are discussed, the plan of the surgery is drawn up, and the date of the operation is set.
    • In the next day (or on the same day if possible),the surgion will perform the surgery, which takes up to 4 hours.
    • You have to stay in the hospital in the operation night.
    • 03 days after the surgery, check up by the doctor is realized to be sure of the course of the surgery and to give you some medical instructions.
    • You’ll be free to leave to your country after the doctor’s check up, whether on the same day or in the next day.

    The required period of stay in Istanbul is 6 days.

    It relies mainly on the patient’s own fat that has been removed from your body, Some women have no body fat, so silicone implants are placed in the butt.

    • In the process of butt augmentation, the surgeon creat a small incision in a hidden location to inject the fat, so the incision won’t be visible.
    • As a matter of fact, what you’re going to get is a surgery, so you’ll feel some pain after the surgery, which Wont last more than a day and It can be controlled with some painkillers.
    • We recommend a physical therapy session, as it speeds up the results and helps you recover quickly.
    • Sure we do! All of your transfers in Istanbul are covered by us, from your first arrival at the airport until your departure from the city.
    • We also provide accommodation according to your choice, from hotels of various categories to residential apartments.

    The cost of butt augmentation depends on your expections, ( with or without implant ) and the pre-booking period , and alo your choice of the surgeon who will perform the surgery.

    Therefore, the cost of the procedure will be determined after contacting you by The patient representative.

    The Result – 1 month after procedure.

    Buttock Lift En
    شفط الدهون وحقنها بالمؤخرة
    قبل وبعد
    حشوات السيلكون

    The Result – immediately after the procedure.

    شفط الدهون مع تكبير المؤخرة
    شفط الدهون وحقنها بالورك
    شقط الدهن مع تكبير المؤخرة
    بعد العملية مباشرة

    Liposuction with breast augmentation and buttock injection

    Buttock Lift En
    Buttock Lift En
    Buttock Lift En

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